New technology to recorded UFOs

ufo hunter

Pedro Avila is one of the first skywatchers to use these technologies and he showed the TercerMilenio how efficient it is. He recorded the sky with two cameras; an infrarred and a normal camera and he recorded an object that was invisible to the normal camera.

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  1. New ? Not so much at all . I`ve been using this same setup with a modified security camera with an IR 950 filter in front of the lense for daytime filming for over 2 years now. UFO LOU on Youtube perfected this method of side by side daytime IR and regular camera like 5 years ago ….

  2. You fellas gots to know o’l fred ain’t much on new technology you see sometimes fellas a good eye and a steady hand with a o’l brownie flash camera is all an o’l boy needs….

  3. i m certain ufos or lights in our atmosphere are just plain part of our universe & have a right to be there they get on with there lives we get on with ours only there an advanced race or entities that control them have been here since eons .ancients worshipped them sketched them throughout history. in caves on murals on canvas paintings also we can watch them video them there not really interested in our skywatching as there agendas more elusive.

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