Latest UK crop circles

uk crop circles

Here are the latest formations found in United Kingdom:

  1. July 27; Parkers Hill Plantation near Cherington, Gloucestershire
  2. July 29; Green Street, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire
  3. July 30; Roundway Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire

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  1. wow those were very good! i loved the close up of the second one, where one line of wheat neatly goes over another line of wheat! so intricate! so well done!

  2. Fascinating – I believe they are hints, messages and recipes for stuff, from above. The last crop circle looks like a map of the universe, telling us where these artists are originally from.

  3. Brilliant. And many people still think they are all man made. Yes many where and still probably are. But when you see ones as good as this, and the fact that they appear over night with no witnesses or evidence of human activity whatsoever? How can people still have their heads in the sand?

  4. What is fascinating is the last shot from the clip. A star with a neutron star companion–or possibly a black hole with seven planets in our own galaxy is astronomical. What NASA has only recently disclosed has barely scratched the surface with an infinitely complex universe.

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