Evidence and Explanations of the Mysterious Washington D.C. UFO Incident

DC UFO sightings

Between July 13 and 29 in the year 1952, many witnesses reported a series of UFO sightings above Washington D.C. Among the witnesses were Air Force pilot, people from 2 radar stations and people on the ground.

On July 19, air traffic controller at Washington National Airport Edward Nugent came forward to reveal what he knew about the series of UFO sightings. He said that the radar registered 7 unknown objects, which did not follow established flight paths. He noticed that the unidentifiable objects were moving too radical to be ordinary aircraft.

Meanwhile, air traffic controllers at Andrew’s Air Force Base also claimed to have tracked several unidentifiable objects. In a military report, both towers were tracking the same objects that vanished at exactly the same time.

Adding to the mysterious incident was that the exact similar thing took place on July 26, only a week later from the first mysterious event. Involved in the story were the same airports, the same radar readings, similar UFOs all on a similar day of the week. This time, two fighter jets were dispatched and one of them saw nothing. However, the other one reported 4 orbs of light zipped around. The pilot even managed to ask order if he can shoot those things before they streaked out of sight.

That incident reached the attention of President Harry Truman. A massive investigation was launched that was called “Project Blue Book”. The project was not only limited to the incident but to every UFO sightings with the aim to know what was going on. But, this did mean that the government was expecting an Independence Day scenario, but more concerned on radical new Russian spy aircraft.

Air Force Captain Edward Ruppelt headed the Project Blue Book and the best guess he could give to the public was that the D.C. sightings were due to the false reading of the radars due to a temperature inversion. However, this did not go well with radar operators as temperature inversions are common but radars never pick them up. So, the government official position was that a meteor storm happened at the exact the same time. Strange but the government seemed to force people to buy that explanation.

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  1. Wasn’t the year 1952? Thanks for the article. So much more to this amazing event, but it’s only found in old books from that era, it seems. Another bit of our ‘buried history’.

  2. I think it was real, but rather trivial for the time and nothing to make a movie about. The sightings today are just as overt or more so as the scene in 1952 at the Capital. We adjust quickly to change these days and I’d expect a few big ones in the near future on the subject.

  3. I have been so lucky to have met a man at my church who told me that his dad actually worked on project blue book and I asked him did your dad ever talk to you about the subject of UFO and what did he say is there anything to it or is it just a cover-up he said yes he had talked to him and yes there is something to it we are being visited

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