Multiple photos and videos of a UFO activity above Houston, Texas 12-Aug-2014 + Update

houston ufo

Reports of a UFO sightings are coming from Houston, Texas. These photos and videos were taken by multiple witnesses.

Watch TV news about this paranormal phenomenon:

Here are a few more photos of this disc-shaped formation of lights:

houston ufo houston ufo

Additionally, these unknown lights were also recorded over Houston, TX the same night. More info coming soon!


Update about the Houston sighting:

Owing to the unclear skies, the image is not so clear, but the UFO the witness spotted was visible enough. Among the series of images that were posted online, one photo shows a circular object hovering in the skies. Among the rest, only an object can be seen against the backdrop of dark clouds. One more upload shows a glowing circle which is clear enough.

With various accounts of the sighting, everyone wondered about what the unidentified object in the sky might be. Following this, the Vice President for astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Dr. Carolyn Sumners stated that they were exploring all possible explanations about what the sighting would have been. This way, they can conclude on what the sighted object actually was.

Dr. Carolyn Sumners also added that if more people had sighted the circular object that day, views of the UFO from different angles could be obtained, thereby giving a clear picture and information about what the object actually was. The rough weather in Houston skies that night could be a reason why onlookers were able to view the UFO that night.

All the sightings that had been captured in this span have been posted on YouTube and are gaining views from all over the world. Many UFO researchers are still wondering about what the sighting in this span might have been, but barely have any answers for the same. This is mainly owing to the lack of high clarity pictures or any other concrete data regarding the UFO.

With no concrete and confirmed information about this sighting available, even UFO researchers are still left clueless about what the sighted object was, with the mystery getting only deepened.

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    A lot of people saying the truth about ufo and aliens has been murdered, some others not. Maybe Philip Coppens has been in fact abducted and murdered because he talk too much about ufo and all of that, someones said he has been kidnapped by “aliens” or governement agents (they have advanced hidden technology) and they gave him this disease, like anotthers abducted, i know three story where people died of apparently natural disease: cardiac problem for barney hill was in fact made by the ones who abducted him because they think he do not want cooperate and was becoming useless and in another case a grandmother was killed (apparently heart disease) because she do not want her grandson been abducted, and in another a woman has been killed because she was opposed to be abducted and write book about that: Karla Turner

  2. Tornado hunter or other instruments being deployed? Otherwise cool, wish I had been outside that day looking up, it was a strong storm that rolled thru.

  3. More stellar info will start coming I believe very soon. Too many are not even making it to video much less the internet such as my own sightings in Riverside. They just need to hurry up and get here in hope they can fix this earth of ours.

  4. they’re in ancient art, too…..if they’re out there, they’re not new, they’ve been here longer than we have…..or else mankind just has some psychological quirk with drawing ufos and seeing strange beings…

  5. My whole town was abducted. Please help they’re everywhere. Taking electricity and maybe oil from koppers and Santa Fe. Local businesses here. No body is who they really are. They’re living in tunnels the military made in the 50s. My husband didn’t know what color his own eyes were.theyre doing some sort of moris code with lighting shawdoes and radio frequency. Just check out all the radio towers in this small town . Somerville TX

  6. Looks alien to be because I don’t know what it is… if it’s moving and unknown it’s a UFO… it’s just nonsensical to shout “fake” unless the individual knows otherwise.

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