Investigation On Decades Mystery Involving Valentich Plane Sheds New Light

Frederick Valentich
Frederick Valentich

New development of one of the greatest aviation mysteries in Australia sheds new light to what really happened to Victorian pilot Fred Valentich nearly 36 years ago. Valentich disappeared without a trace, but recently investigators give new light to the mystery.

The Victorian UFO Action group says there is proof pointing the 20-year-old Cessna was observed in the sky over South Australia. The interested development is that it was seen attached to a UFO.

The group wants help to identify a farmer witness near Adelaide who reportedly saw the 30m craft floating above his property in the morning after the disappearance of Mr. Valentich.

It is reported that the Cessna was found stuck to the side of the unknown craft with oil leaks. The registration number of the plane even scratched by the farmer with his tractor. However, he never shared the vital information to the public because of fear to be ridiculed as what he experienced when he shared it to his few friends.

The story has sparked serious debate as the Australian UFO investigators setting up for a Melbourne national conference in September.

George Simpson, lead investigator and one of the last people to see the plane in good condition flying across the sky, says the farmer could give vital information to solve the mystery finally if he is still alive.

Though he admitted there was no evidence, he said that it was the best lead so far for the case that left Australians baffled for many decades. Simpson said some people easily dismiss possibilities, but there are stories worth investigating as they likely confirmed that there was an unidentified flying object at that time near Adelaide.

Valentich disappeared in October 1978 while on a routine cargo flight towards King Island.

He managed to report air traffic control about an unknown object hovering in his front describing it as not an aircraft. This was the last conversation between Valentich and air traffic control. After this, a mysterious metallic clicking sound was heard and then transmission halted.

Frederick Valentich UFO
Photo taken off Cape Otway before Frederick went missing

Traces of the plane or pilot are nowhere to be found despite extensive searches.

Simpson said that the pilot should be able to identify another aircraft considering his experience in the aviation field, but he was clearly not able to do it.

Adding to the mysterious disappearance is an amateur photo shot in the vicinity that night, showing a dark UFO in the sky.

The final transmission of Valentich was originally aired on 3XY, a Melbourne radio station. Investigators are also doing their best to find a copy of the transmission.

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  1. Excellent article. If this is true all around, perhaps the craft returned to the ground so young Fred could put his feet back on the ground. Maybe Fred suffered from amnesia from the encounter and he’s been in their national healthcare system all along, simply with long-term amnesia.

  2. If at is true about the farmer scratching the registration number. Then the Cessna might have been processed by the UFO, leaving parts of the plane scatted in the area of the farm and surrounding area.

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