Roswell UFO Incident, 1947

Jesse Marcel
Jesse Marcel Sr. (on the right right) with the the remains of a flying saucer

One of the most prominent and important UFO sighting happened in Roswell, a desert in the South-Western part of United States of America. This incident gained widespread publicity, mainly owing to the media coverage and the involvement of government to deviate the attention of people away from the Roswell Incident. On the evening of 3rd July, 1947, the first sighting happened. It was observed by Mr. Dan Wilmut and his wife, who were casually sitting in the porch of their house when they saw a disc-shaped bright object moving swiftly across the sky above them.

Mr. Dan Wilmut claimed that the speed of the UFO was anything between 400 to 500 miles an hour and rapidly traversed his skyline initially appearing in the South-East before vanishing into thin air in the North-West direction. The UFO was estimated to be around 20-25 feet wide and had lights glowing from it. Details given by Mr. Wilmut were made public by the International UFO Museum in 1997, during a press release.

After the spotting, there were thunderstorms in that area and the residents saw nothing that night. However, same claimed to hear an explosion but were of the notion that it was a thunderstorm, due to the prevailing weather. The next morning, Foreman of J.B. Ranch, based in Tiny Corona near New Mexico, Mr. Mac Brazel, accompanied with his neighbor, thought of visiting his sheep to ensure their well-being post the outrageous showers that occurred the previous night. On reaching there, they discovered debris, making it apparent that probably an aircraft had crashed the previous night. On a closer observation of the debris, the material was something he had never seen before as it was very light, but highly tough at the same time. Deeply interested by looking at the material, he took a piece of the debris and showed it to his friends and neighbors.

The 2011 FBI document claiming to find “three so-called flying saucers”

In the meantime, Mr. Wilmut also informed the Chaves County Sheriff George Wilcox, who thought of it to be something related to the army operations and, as a result, informed the Rowell Army Air Field. An elite intelligence only-atomic unit of the army, The 509th Bomb Group was headquartered at the Air Field and Major Jesse Marcel spearheaded the operations involving recovery and transport of the debris. After preliminary examination, Colonel William Blanchard, the Commander of the group, issued a press release stating that the “crashed disk” has been recovered. The media pushed a person from the group, who unwillingly said that the wreckage has been flown to higher headquarters without disclosing the location.

At this stage, the government intervened into the matter and a General, Roger Ramey, heading a separate unit at Texas, which was a far flung place located about 400 miles from the crash site there was an “unbelievably foolish mistake” committed by Blanchard as it was not a crashed disk, but a weather balloon that had crashed, thereby sharply countering the statement issued by Blanchard. However, colleagues who knew Blanchard from before said that Blanchard was a no-nonsense man with extremely high judgment capacity and if he had said that it was a crashed disk, it had to be a crashed disk, owing to his experience and stature.

Eyebrows were raised and public suspicion reached all new heights, as a result of the information Glenn Davis, a young mortician shared with the world. Ballard Funeral Room, the workplace of Davis, was assigned the contract to supply ambulance mortuary services to the Roswell Air Field. On the day the wreckage was recovered, he got repeated calls from the airfield, enquiring about the availability of small hermetically sealed caskets or any other ways to preserve bodies that were exposed to the atmosphere since many days. This sparked Glenn’s curiosity, who visited the Base Hospital to know more, but was quickly escorted out of the building. But before walking out, Glenn noticed two ambulances which had their rear doors open and contained wreckage which had weird symbols on its surface. Curiosity and inquisitiveness reaching all new levels, he arranged to meet a nurse from the hospital whom he knew from before at a coffee shop. The nurse, religious and god-fearing person, expressed her discomfort as she assisted two doctors in performing autopsies of two “small non-human bodies” and also drew it on a napkin to illustrate their appearances. However, when he tried to meet her again, it went on vain and he learnt that she was transferred to England.

More information about this incident is unavailable as all the people involved and the eyewitnesses disappeared or vanished abruptly, further raising eyebrows towards the government that they are involved and are taking all measures to cover the incident up. A few people who were indirectly involved in this incident still testify about the incident, however no rock-solid proof or information is available to the public, making this one more UFO sighting about which the government wants to keep in the dark.

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Roswell Daily Record from July 9, 1947: RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region
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  1. I moved to Roswell a year ago June, and I expected all the locals to somehow convince me there were no aliens. I have since discovered that people who have no reason to lie, relatives of those who were either army personnel or just witnesses, tell me that the stories are true. I met the daughter of the man who accompanied the bodies to Ohio. I’ve talked to people who knew the undertaker who took the order for four or five hermetically sealed children’s coffins, this order coming from the local air base. People’s lives were threatened, their family’s lives were threatened, and some took the knowledge to their grave, some spilled the beans on their death beds. The nuclear detection system theory does not explain the bodies. Something happened that weekend.
    And although I’m tired of the cheap gimmicks here in Roswell, I still want to believe. 

  2. Here is the scoop. Roswell occurred about 2 weeks after Kenneth Arnold. A painting done by Arnold depicts 9 bat winged flying wings. The points match up with the B1. They appear to have been a military experiment built at the Seatac plant and were being ferried 3 x 3 to Edwards, Groom lake. And while Sands. Arnold said they skipped like saucers. This suggests a defect in design or concept. They may have been trying gyroscopic stabilization. The experiment probably failed. One of the White Sands units could have gone into a flat spin and crashed, with no safe opportunity for the pilot to bail out without being sliced by the wings.

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