Alien-like being photographed in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Alien

Here’s a report about this extraordinary photograph of a strange being that was taken in Bulgaria. This alien-like being was photographed by students, while they were hiking in Yundola.

More info in the video below!

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    • Dont you think think the alien is a little out of center and focus on the picture, and furtermore, if you wherer to shoot a picture of an alien, wouldnt you try to keep object of interest in center, in focus and use the zoom to bring object of interest closer ? to be curious about something means that you in one way or another have been aware of that “something” and then start wondering about this same “something”. this group missed the alien on that spesific time and place just as you missed the contextual story, and even in the text on the video it is written that the photographer “never notice this tall being near them” 🙂 THS

    • you’re RIGHT! It IS the same image. This was photo-shopped folks. Wonder what OTHER stuff on here is crap?! Maybe ALL of it, like on ONION???

  1. We have found many strange craft and beings similar to the ones shown here. Follow the above link to one of the articles on our site “The Midnight Observer” and there are three pictures of strange beings in this article alone.

    • found it:

    • Looked at the image in google. I think you are right. The way it stands is a dead ringer for the stock photo. Someone has some photoshop skills though.

  2. Why does it have to be an Alien? (i.e. creature from another planet) Might it not be a so called forest Elemental? Therefore wouldn’t need a space ship. Maybe it’s a so called Goblin , which goes back hundreds of years in folklore? Perhaps our forests are teeming with them and they are concerned about the destruction of their habitat.
    Or. students love to play pranks, so who knows if this is genuine or not. I’d like to believe so.

  3. Them fellas should try out for the NBA slam dunk competition,I betcha them boys could get reeel good outside the paint with three pointers too….

  4. “It’s been shopped, taken from an old stock photo known as ‘Alien On The Hill’ Try google images, it’s still there.”
    Thruster at DiscloseTV

    Read more:

  5. i think its a great hoax been positioned by visitors then they took photo of whatever it was alien type figure the head seems disproportionate to the body very tall entity very static juries out with me re this pic questionable ?

  6. Maybe they are fearful of us,as we are to them…humans can be very vicious..!!..even to their own kind,history documents that clearly

  7. Thx for that post!! after googling Alien On A Hill – for real a stock photo – not mad skills – but skills – this fakery BS damages the creds of real accounts. Sad to see this posted. And on the dude photoed at night .. yaaah i always ask to take a friends photo in the dark! (smirk) Very sad indeed this promotion of hoax(es) is on this site. Meanwhile keep looking up and “out” ppl.

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