Unidentified Object Discovered On A Comet

Churyumov Gerasimenko

Rosetta spacecraft spotted a UFO on the Comet 67P Churyumov Gerasimenko’s surface. The comet appeared to be ahead of the craft, which just announced its landing point. Rosetta managed to get a high-resolution image that apparently reveals a metallic looking object.

There are claims that it is an unidentified object because it has different characteristics of a rock next to the device, despite the fact that they are both in a similar angle of sunlight.

Some explains that the rock seems to be darker and more rugged shape while the unidentified object in question appears to be capable of reflecting back the sunlight into the lens of the Rosetta spacecraft’s camera.

This unidentified object makes shadow on comet. This white disk in the image is actually metallic but only appears white because of the high reflective surface of the disk. It further highlights the shadow of the metallic disk on the comet’s surface. Note that the slanted angle of the ground to the UFO makes its shadow longer and stretch out.

The image can be downloaded at European Space Agency’s (ESA) website, but the agency has not released official explanation yet about the anomaly being discovered recently. You may take a look at the image and be the judge.

Churyumov Gerasimenko UFO

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  1. Tomorrow, go outside in the sun and put a marble or hardball on a table and you will easily see how a round object leaves an oblong shadow, esp. at morning or dusk… take some photos and you will see how it 100 % DOES cast an oblong shadow… Geeezzzzz

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