Fast UFOs filmed over Mexico 11-Sep-2014

UFOs over Mexico

I just received this UFO report:

From: C Ivan
Date: 11-09-2104
Location: Leon Guanajuato, Mexico

Report: This UFO fleet was detected after the previous video of the 3 objects, there is an error in the video is when the actual time was depues minutes to midnight six UFOs flying together, you can see a flicker of light energy, there are those who are afraid and compared this with birds, and know are fully within their rights to believe what they like, I hope that those who write saying they are birds, record and / or upload a video of birds to compare both videos.

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  1. Am very open minded..i believe in UFO i would llike to see one.. but now a day is hard to believe da ufo cuz ppl sy they seen one or record it n next thing u kno is not true they just tha is Yy soo hard for sum ppl to believe the video their watching is real ..

  2. Most birds,except for owls don’t fly at night.These objects are going fast and probably,above 50,000ft.,alt.,so must be alien craft.Robert Newton,19mls.,E,of Liverpool.

    • Many migratory birds do fly at night, and how can you tell their altitude if you don’t know how big they are? Even then it would be difficult at best to estimate their altitude. It looks to me like migratory birds at low altitude, that’s why they seem to be going fast, imagine that is daytime and you see low flying geese, they would appear to be going the same speed, especially when zoomed in on.

  3. One clue to the altitude of these objects is that they flew above the clouds, not below. These appeared to be cirrus clouds, which form above 20,000 feet. Ducks usually migrate at an altitude of 4,000 feet.

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