New Jersey UFO: Aliens or US military? [EXPLAINED]


These photos of an unidentified craft flying over Passaic in New Jersey were taken on Wednesday, 3rd September 2014.

Witness report: I observed the object for around three minutes it made aeronautical maneuvers that I had not seen before it appeared to hover the object was triangular black yet reflective was able to change directions extremely fast it all happened pretty fast there appeared to be possibly a light or window on the top of the craft and then it headed north at an extreme rate of speed faster than anything I have ever seen

Author (source: mufon)


new jersey UFO

new jersey UFO


Thanks to the comments here and on Facebook, we managed to explain these photos. It’s so-called Large RC Paper Airplane, as you can see in the video below!

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  1. A l’école je faisais les même en papier qui planaient de façon anarchique et aux bons vouloir du papier!Pour moi ça ressemble à un trucage grotesque et dieu sait si je crois au phénomène pour l’avoir vu de mes propres yeux!(si c’est un vrai,j’en serais agréablement surpris mais…!)

  2. Stop wasting our time with these stupid hoax pics and videos. This is obviously a paper airplane. Why would you guys at Latest UFO Sightings even consider posting this?

  3. Does anyone read what the person said who took the picture’s, unusual manoeuvring at speed, hovering and super fast speed. Can the guy flying the AC plane do that?

  4. Hold on with the disdain folks. LUFOS are giving us an explanation to what this was/is here. And they should be thanked for doing so, not derided.

  5. its a paper made up type rocket you made when we were kids coloured in black or done in black paper one word to describe it Fake .

  6. This sighting was not a blurry case, it looked crystal clear and it swayed in the sky for a very long time. Numerous people have seen this phenomenon at the same time in the sky. This news has spread like a wildfire over the internet. Many specialists internationally have dissected the photos and videos to guage the authenticity and they couldn’t find any forgery involved. Here are some pictures and video of this UFO sighting in Houston Texas

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