Photograph Shows A Classic UFO Hovering Over Queensland, Australia

flying saucer

Queensland might be telling the truth up above when a saucer-shaped object was caught on a photograph at the north side of Brisbane. A report says that the object was spotted hovering over Wooloowin.

President at UFO Research Queensland, Sheryl Gottschall, revealed that the state has an increase in UFO sighting reports over recent months, in which the Gold Coast having the most number of reported sightings.

Gottschall said that somebody reported a sighting on Friday night over Gold Coast and there was also in Cairns last week and another sighting in Childers. She revealed that they receive around a hundred calls annually and all UFO research groups across the country receive a total of 800 reports. She noted that a lot of sightings are not reported.

A silver disc object was caught on photograph hovering in the sky on May 23 over Wooloowin.

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  1. Comparing the noise in the sky and the actuall object(ufo)..tells me that this image is a composite…therefore a fake. However..i COULD be wrong..but my intuition tells me i’m right.

    • I tend to agree with Jim, but I’m surprised that if the photo is a composite, why wouldn’t the hoaxer have simply taken a normal picture of the sky (something any amateur could do easily) and superimpose the fake UFO onto it? Oddly enough, the discrepancy Jim has observed might even point in the direction that it is authentic.

  2. I tend to agree with JIm, but if the picture is a hoax, why wouldn’t the hoaxer have simply taken a clear picture of the sky (something anyone could do easily) with no noise, and superimposed the fake UFO on it? Oddly enough, the very presence of this noise might point in the direction of the picture’s authenticity.

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