NEW! In Search of Aliens: The Founding of America S01E08

in search of aliens

In Search of Aliens: The Founding of America
History Channel, Season 1 Episode 8
20th September 2014

Washington, D.C.’s landscape is awash with ancient Greek pillars, Roman domes and even an Egyptian-style obelisk. Is it possible that the design of America’s capital city was influenced by an otherworldly source?

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  1. My pal Nunzio says them fellas designed it after Ancient Roman architecture, they was gonna build a aquaeduct setup too around the perimeter for congress and the senate with spas, pools and massage parlors but them fellas ran out a cash.

  2. its a known fact that the Free Masons had much to do with the design and building of the “DC Capital” and incorporated many old design secrets used by the old and powerful regimes, (Egyptian, roman, Greek, Sumerian). Many of the congressmen and politically powerful in those days and today and Free Masons.

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