Official documents about the Aliens living on Earth


Interesting report from TercerMilenio about the government documents, confirming the existence of extraterrestrials.

There’s also this interesting FBI document from 1947 about the interdimentional beings living on Earth.

Find out more information in the video below!

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  1. Why waste our time with deceitful hints of “government documents” that are deliberately flipped across the screen in such away that as intended, you are unable to actually read? Zero credibility and a disservice to the readers.

  2. I have read all the declassified documents available on the FBI site, most of them seems genuine. But keep in mind that they can put false declassified documents to distract the public from some theories.

    Never totally trust governmental documents.

  3. real and on point. many aliens who visit can not live on earth and must stay in the ship. also they have little room to move or store “earthly” objects around. these particular aliens seem to like us and have stayed here. they started implants and “inter breading” with us in the 40″s. best article yet and seems to be on point.

  4. why do you put this stuff up on Facebook and then make the linked video,s private? if you want to be taken seriously then make them open to the public or don’t put them up at all. i have seen a real ufo so i don’t need to be convinced because i know what i saw. and when you have seen you can never to back to have not seen.

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