Possible mothership over Mexico City 11-Oct-2014

Mothership mexico City

This interesting disc-shaped object was caught on live webcam located in Mexico City by Youtube user colourufo. This webcam refreshes every minute.

What do you think that huge object is? UFO mothership or something else?

Your opinion?
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  1. The constant spot has to be on the lens itself. The other might be the sun/moon thru the clouds or something, or just fake. I assume the cam is just taking snapshots and not streaming which would be much better.

  2. Everyone seems to be capturing ufos lately ! Seems like something’s about to happen ! I hope there friendly to but doubt it ! Let’s hope there like ghost rider n see the bad people

  3. When are people going to realise we are not the only living beings in our galaxy and thousands of others…. Come on people wake up

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