Sputnik-like UFO hovering above San Diego, California 10-Sep-2014

San Diego UFO

This interesting 12 minutes long UFO video of a Sputnik-like object hovering in the daytime sky was recorded in San Diego in California. This was recorded on 10th September 2014. We already published a report about this object two weeks ago.

Sputnik 1 was the first artificial Earth satellite.(Wikipedia)

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  1. Two things strike me as odd, the sound indicates other aircraft and birds yet you can’t see either of them or anything else in the sky for that matter, secondly the commentary, the guys total lack of amazement

  2. Them squids and rust pickers in Coronado don’t seem to have a lick a interest in checkin this out, them fellas had plenty of time to send a chopper over to investigate. It’s probably a man made survey drone or balloon lookin for them tall white blond gals on the beach……

  3. I keep seeing the same pic on different dates. He is obviously stupid enough not to know that experienced watchers know what real UFOs look like.

    • Deliah,

      I posted the video once. I never posted the still image, nevertheless, it is there. I have no reason to confuse anyone. What I presented is an unidentified flying object – UFO in the true sense of the phrase.

  4. I’ve heard the exact same noise while watching multicolored strobe orbs hovering like this. I will never forget the odd noise, very much like bugs but still different, and when it stopped you noticed how loud it actually was.

  5. Also the sighting I’m talking about in the last comment happened on the 8th of September 2014 in N.C. I find the dates and similarity to my night sighting in sound and appearance to be amazing. Thanks for the great video and pictures.

  6. Great video of a spherical UFO. I’d like to see the looks on the faces of the debunkers ! Plus, if the Men in Black ever appeared at this guy’s home ? This is a Outstanding video, with great stable shots of the sputnik looking craft moving around at times and wobbling from side to side, then repositioning itself for some reason or another, like it was on a information gathering mission on one certain object.

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