Smoking Gun Evidence On The Existence Of Aliens

Thomas Carey

A panel discussion on UFOs was held at the American University on November 12, Wednesday night. It was highlighted with a smoking gun evidence, like what one of the speakers described it.

Researcher and author Thomas Carey revealed to a jam-packed crowd in Abramson Recital Hall that they have in possession an alien being lying in a glass case. However, he did not mean the actual alien, but a couple of Kodachrome color slides of it. Carey has been investigating the Roswell Incident since 1991.

According to Carey, the film is dated 1947, which makes it more interesting. They got it from the official historian of Kodak in Rochester, New York. Based on their careful examination, they concluded that the film is not something that has been edited or applied with Photoshop. Carey explained that it is 1947 original images, and it shows an alien that seemed to be partially dissected lying inside a case.

Carey described the supposed alien being as similar to what would the alien involved in Roswell Incident appear.

Carey told the crowd that the alien is around 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall with an insect-like head. The head appeared to be partially dissected and the innards have been taken out. Carey and colleagues believe that the alien cadaver has been embalmed, at least during the time the picture was shot.

Carey also revealed the original owners of the slide. He said the woman was a reputable lawyer from Midland, Texas with a pilot license. Their group think that this woman was working in intelligence during the World War II. She married to a man who was a field geologist for an oil company. Carey plans to disclose the images early in 2015.

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  1. I find it hard to believe that the American Government would allow a film with such potential significance to remain in Kodak’s archives and, as is implicit in the account, made so easily available to the public.

  2. It is obvious that UFO`s and Aliens are real…it is so clearly obvious that the “debate” has become tiresome…people are sentenced to death on a mere fraction of the evidence that has accumulated for this subject…and to continue to wonder whether the phenomenon is real or not is laughably pathetic…I personally saw a UFO more than 40 years ago and there was enough evidence THEN for the reality…the sole deniers are those that have not looked at the evidence or government shills…simple as that.

  3. If them fellas looks like bugs it’s gonna take some time for o’l fred to take to em… give a fella the heeby jeebies and maybe even some itch he can’t scratch….best to make friends slow….

  4. Yes, by all means DON’T SHOW THE PICS, BUT SAY YOU HAVE THEM! That will give the government time of course to come and take them from you if it’s real, and if it’s not real, then that’s the story you can use when the first of the year comes.

  5. It’s little wonder UFO’s and other paranormal phenomena are given little credibility outside of the True Believers when you have articles like the one above that are so poorly written and edited as to be unbelievable. Not to mention that the focus of the article is an alleged Kodak slide from 1947 depicting an alien in a glass case. Where’s the picture?!? This is pure trash and a waste of time.

  6. How early in 2015 is early? Or are they going to say the Men in Black took the video? It gets a little tedious this stuff. Same old same old.

  7. Re: the “owners” of the slides. I’d be inclined to give the story a bit of tentative weight if we had been given, together with the announcement of the slides’ existence, a believable explanation as to how they came into the “reputable” lawyer’s possession. But even if such an explanation were forthcoming, it does not explain why she would wait until 2015 to release them. And more importantly, as many commentators have pointed out, why announce the slides’ existence months before releasing them? What’s so significant about spring, 2015? I smell a hoax.

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