Amazing video: UFO releasing orbs over Massachusetts 13-Jan-2014

UFO releasing Orbs

Watch this amazing footage of one huge UFO (mothership?) releasing five glowing orbs. This was allegedly taken on Tuesday, 13th January 2015 over US state Massachusetts.

What is your opinion about this sighting? Real or fake? Please leave your comment below!

Witness report: Watching a UFO From My Roof (UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs Into a Formation)
Weird UFO dropping glowing orbs in the distance. The UFOs went into formation before disappearing. Me and my neighbors watched this from my roof in western massachusetts

Author (Bobby Johnson @ youtube)

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  1. If real very interesting footage, looks real as reflection on water appears. If fake its well done and I applaud the hoaxers but I believe it to be real.

  2. I would love to believe it is genuine but realistically, such an event would have been witnessed by many people. Sadly, there have been no other reports.

    • its so fake, all I heard was oooo my god oo my god,no one said call police.or call my brother the only thing was the woman saying ooo my god ooo my god she made it so fake; if it was real she made it seem so fake and it was poor filming but the oo my god lady topped it off ITS FAKE

  3. Just like Phoenix, a lot of people live here, and anything like this suspiciously spectacular show would have had the telephone central office melting down. And Bobby,I’m worried. better stop bringing your neighbors up on your roof. Your insurance agent and even the mild tempered green Gecko are going to throw a major fit when they find out you did that.

  4. Watch the video in my Facebook page:

  5. I was initially impressed but skeptical. Now it seems more likely to be a hoax. If you go to the Youtube channel, Bobby Johnson is not giving any details about this video that would help verify it’s authenticity. Basic info like what date it was shot, what time it was shot, where the exact location of this supposed even took place, not even giving names of the “neighbours” in the video. He is calling investigators “NERDS” and “Nerd Stalkers”…telling people to get a life, that he has no time for questions, etc. It’s appearing to be a hoax, likely Adobe After Effects. With an event like this, why wouldn’t he want to be validated and offer more info? It’s typical of a hoaxer that does not want to reveal too much that could prove him a fraud. I was skeptical when I first saw it, but willing to give the guy a chance…hey who knows? But this is rapidly deteriorating into nothing more than bunk video footage posted by a guy who doesn’t even care to offer basic information that could help his credibility. There is clearly (if you believe the video to any degree) more video footage of this by his neighbours, even if the video was crappy, it could verify the original footage with synced audio to the events in the video… likely wont see any other footage of this, nor anyone else in the area that witnessed it, which there should be someone who witnessed it as it was sometime shortly after sunset and bright lights that close would be seen by others….

  6. This is such a ridiculously poor fake. The voices in the background are probably an audio recording from another video of perhaps a more “authentic” event. The graphics are just awful. I’ve been watching ufo vids for years and never have come across ufos behaving like this. I bet the creator is about 15 yrs. old.

    • I have two pictures i did not take the pictures but I witnessed the same thing in the pictures and there is quit a few witnesses. This happened in twin falls idaho at about 9:00. In Twin Falls Idaho from the posting I read where the picture came from she witnessed it the first time at 6:45 so apparently it appeared twice I pointed it out to my girl friend and at that moment it disappeard I thought it may have went behind some clouds but as I got closer to Twin the sky was clear I didn’t think anything of it until I got back home in Hansen directly East of Twin when my gf got on face book and one of her friends had posted the picture asking if any one else saw it. And surprisingly there has been a dozen people who have actually seen it only two pictures so far though.

  7. Lol this is so fake. The background voices are recorded in a better quality than the voice of the one recording? How comes? Pathetic.

  8. Very impressive but I don’t see aliens posing for your picture, If they were truly inquisitive they would have scattered to gather more data but then again I think like HOMO SAPIENS and not from space ?!

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