UFO making an impossible maneuver over Melbourne, Australia – January 2015

UFO Melbourne

Here’s one new video of a very fast object in the sky above Melbourne in Australia. This was filmed recently (in January 2015).

Witness report: Recorded above Melbourne, Australia with a P8079HP night vision tube.
Folks, the lens is set on infinity. I can’t accept this is a bug near the lens. Would be blurred and out of focus. My setup only enhances available light – rarely capture bugs…birds yes. However G force indicates otherwise.
135mm slr lens F2.8 mounted on a p8079hp tube, with HD ‘cheapo’ camera.

Author (U.F.O.Lou @ youtube)

Note: Watch in HD & Full screen!

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  1. Really… you are bothering the world with a video of a satellite and a normal fly doing crazy moves. Please stop this disinformation campaign!

  2. Pretty amazing , if it’s not an insect, and strangely there seems to be a roiling or boiling activity where the thing starts. What is that?

  3. THEY exist and their technologies are unbelievable. Speed was enormous and whatever it was stopped immediately and, after a while, started to move in the opposite directions. Just like the eyewitnesses usually describe UFO maneuvres.

  4. A group of us saw a similar configuration, but with 1 large craft from which 5 smaller crafts shot out in different directions. This was at 10,000 feet in the Himalayas in 1987,

  5. It acts like an insect eater possibly a bat. I have seen however a “satellite” moving slowly across the sky (17,000 mph) and mike an impossible 90 degree right hand turn without any arc and continue out to the distant horizon. Nothing can do that right??

  6. Ok, first of all in the slow motion shots it shows the “object coming part way down and then “bouncing” back up. In the original blue screen version the object does not bounce back up, it continues down in a straight line. Please stop posting fake junk just for attention.There are plenty of genuine videos out there but unfortunately with new video technology jerks and disinformation spreaders are doing what they do best and spreading BS.

  7. Patty S,
    The slow mo part of the vid is in loop, meaning it plays, then rewinds, plays, rewinds. It even says that on the vid.
    Watch it properly before making yourself look silly.

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