Apparent UFO Activity Over Lumby Captured On Video

Canada UFOs

North Okanagan in Canada appears to be a UFO hotspot with many reported sightings of unidentified flying objects, and the latest one comes from Lumby where a cell phone camera captured strange lights.

Debbie Gelter says light or lights appeared before her eyes on three different occasions from her home in Lumby. She felt a bit of fear upon seeing something strange and excitement to tell somebody about it.

On the third occasion, Gelter saw two lights in the evening and called her son to use his phone and take a video of the lights.

Gelter says the two lights had moved slowly at first before they moved backwards at tremendous speed. Gelter was left shocked because the activity was the weirdest thing she ever witnessed.

Amateur astronomer Jim Failes says the flashing in the video doesn’t twinkle like a star or a planet shining in the sky, ruling out those natural objects. However, Failes, a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, notes that it does not exclude man-made objects even the kind of terrestrial objects used to create a hoax.

Gelter hopes to find anyone else who witnessed the same activity in the night sky in around the same time.

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  1. both videos are hard to see as it is just a news clip and not live for us to see. this makes it harder to judge for sure. and it’s sickening when the news clips have ridiculous “X Files” music. it cheapens the witnesses opinions and belittles the news channel putting it on.

    • …. if something is here from out there I believe it’s some kind of energyballs that a Nasa spokesman also refers to,,, “we have chased them, but we could’nt catch up with them”

  2. You should see my energy balls at work! They will dance around in your mouth and then shoot away at fantastic speeds back into my pants.

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