Project BlueBook Mysteriously Unavailable

Project BlueBook

We recently publish the news about the Project Blue Book files. They just found their way online, thanks to The Black Vault editor John Greenwald.

But now, about two weeks later, the files mysteriously dissaperead. If you go to, all you get it this message: “Due to situations out of my control, The Project Blue Book material is currently unavailable.”

What do you think happened? We will post more once we get more info!

5th February UPDATE:

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  1. I got a copy of the Blue Book, some years ago. So must dig it out to see if it’s the same as the one on line. (If it comes back on)

  2. Sue was a lot there. In no time someone would have put serious things together. May be they let some stuff go that they did not want out. Signals?

  3. I wonder what would happen if the “powers that be” were aware of those who have original copies of the book? Those who had parents who believed in UFO’s and perhaps actually saw one with a parent may very well have copies in their parents’ estates which they have kept to themselves for obvious reasons. Parents who stood tall and stubborn in family conversations, but knew better than to report their sightings…being aware of what happened to others who had reported and then been defamed, lost jobs, etc. protect their own. Those children may likely have a copy. 😡

  4. i think it’s all BS. the public is treated like babies. a little slap on the hand and a scolding; “You be good now.”

  5. The rejection of my humble comment was correct for reasons that you felt reasonable. I will keep my mother’s copy of “Project Blue Book” and our humble memory of what we saw one night together. You have no “worries” of me attempting a comment to your site, again.
    Sincerely, Ann Ernst

    • ann ernst. before you submit your comment they give you the opportunity to change it. after you submit it you can always remove it and start again. btw not everyone comes back to the same video to see what has been said. your comment probably wasn’t rejected, just not seen. i saw it! hope my answer helped you.

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