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Your UFO reports: 3rd January – 10th January 2015
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Ripley Derbyshire, UK – 11th January 2015
I’ve just seen a orange light heading towards the east. Time was 06.55 am. Object was very bright in the dark skyas it was just about to get light but still very dark. Object was moving quite fast like a low level jet but was obviously higher in the night sky. No sound heard at all.
I’ve checked the ISS which was over a different part of Central Europe.
Looked with binoculars for a short time after running upstairs before it disappeared behind rooftops. Seemed to have a triangular shape to it.
Twin City, Georgia – 01/08/2015
We were driving home from dinner. Myself, my husband and my two young sons. We were less than a mile from our home when we came to an opening over a field and we saw 6 bright lights, just over the field but still knew that it was on the other side of the highway. They were in a horizontal line. The lights alternated blinking, however it was clear that there were 2 sets of 3 lights.  They were bright, round and yellow. Each light would slowly fade in and out and they each did it at different times.  We stopped the car to try to figure out exactly what we were looking at. As we did, the 3 lights on the right side each took a turn lighting up seperately, only to never re-light. Then the one on the left followed suit. They sky was completely clear and empty. No clouds.  Just stars in the distance. No noise. It just complelty disappeared.  Or seemed to.
Warrington , UK – 4 January 2015
2015 UFOI saw this in the sky on Sunday 4th Jan about 1pm whilst taking my son for a walk in Warrington England. Have seen a lot of morphing shapes above my house since my 1st sighting…. Not sure if it’s from another world etc, but was worth a pic anyway!
Balboa Peir, Newport Beach, CA – 1/4/15
Began filming 6mp HD on my camera phone out on pier, this orb during my filming started of as a single orb, by the end of the series of video, not only is the orb just flying above my head, it has now morphedbto multi-flashing orbs…if it is normal craft no problem, but I do not think so, during filming, its almost as when I’m talking during filming, there are 2 different energies…
The building should be iconic, I think. On the highway between Silverlake area and the Getty museum. – 12-27-14
UFO SilverlakeI took these pictures on my first trip to Los Angeles to send to my mother who couldn’t be with me. I was showing the building photos to a friend when I noticed the hovering bell shape over the two photos I had snapped. They were taken in just a few seconds from the car on the way to the Getty museum. I tried to post the two original photos but couldn’t because they are ‘too large’.  I don’t know how to change the resolution from my phone. I will happily send the original pictures if you contact me with interest. This was an unexpected find!
Sterling Colarado – September 1st 2014
IT was big and had tree lights and fell into the woods behind town
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  1. i saw 4 UFOs last night way high in the sky. Each had three red lights to their front. They were traveling like almost 2 mins apart on the same track and at the same speed; one right after another. The fourth was at about 30 deg different track, but came from the same area of the sky. It also was traveling at the same speed as the others.

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