Canadian YouTube User Records Several UFOs Over Toronto, Ontario

Toronto UFOs

Toronto resident Jennifer OBrien recorded four different videos of mysterious objects hovering over her area on January 26, 2015. She uploaded her videos five days later, on 31 January, 2015 to YouTube. Some of the objects in these videos appear to be hovering for hours before moving slightly while others pulsate and change in colors erratically.

In her first recording, it shows an orb that changes color from orange to red and vice versa. Also, the strange ball changes in locations for approximately over an hour. The uploader also reveals that she also shot another glowing object on video over Lake Ontario at the same time. Jennifer encourages everyone who viewed her video to share their thoughts.

In the first part of the video, Jennifer looks getting out of her car to record the stationary light in the sky. The object appears close enough from the witness and doesn’t seem to be a star or a plane.

Jennifer’s second video shows orange/red orb descended slowly and records rapid changes of colors of a bright flashing blue object above Lake Ontario.

The second video now shows the previous object moving slightly, and a new object appears to the south – a pulsating light that occasionally changes in colors. Jennifer appears to place her camera down on her car and focus it on the object. The object remains motionless, but already in a different place in the next video.

On the third recording, the pulsating UFO has increased its altitude slightly and remained motionless above Lake Ontario.

On the fourth video, the bright object from the first recording now decreased its height significantly, while the pulsating UFO now higher to the South East.

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  1. you were very smart to voice your locations! if only you could have said the times. i know toronto and because you’ve said your locations it helped alot. i think you may have been seeing Rigel under Orion, so you can rule out that big light. Jupiter rises in the east in the evening, if that helps. i don’t know what you were seeing to your north west. go to Starry Night on to find out star locations!

    • seriously? like you know this? don’t you think the woman, who lives in toronto would know this? and the object slowly moves over time. i lived in toronto and it is not the cn tower. do you even know what it looks like? you make yourself appear extremely unintelligent.

  2. Well if it was around 6 o’clock give or take an hour in the first video, I’d say that was Venus, and the second video, it was probably Serius, as it was blinking so it couldn’t have been a planet. What you were looking at are either planets, as Jupiter is also in that part of the sky, and there are several bright stars, but Serius is the brightest, and it was low in the sky at the time, Jan. 26, or 27th early evening. The color changes are normal, it’s an effect of atmospheric conditions, and makes it appear to change colors. None of those objects moved right? Only after a long while as the rotation of the Earth changed their locations. It’s a common mistake many people make, so don’t be too disappointed.

  3. Enjoyed your videos. But, i’m guessing that you were watching Sirius, Jupiter and maybe Venus. May I suggest trying night vision binoculars if you have a genuine interest in capturing objects in the night sky. Check YouTube… nightvision, p8079hp and Yukon Nightvision.

  4. OMG!
    I have videos too. I jumped out of my seat when I read this article, I know exactly what you are describing, because I see them to about every second night. You are not alone. .

  5. Me and my husband have both seen this light for about the last 4 years in the exact same spot each year. It hovers over the same area as mentioned in this video. It changes colors and shape. Don’t know what the heck it is but it’s pretty freaky. We have noticed it each year from around mid march to April and stays there until June. Can anyone tell us what this is?

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