UFO Case Review: O’Hare Airport UFO, 2006

Ohare UFO

Every so often, a UFO sighting occurs that is more interesting for what it tells us about our own government than for what it tells us about the UFO itself. The UFO event over Chicago’s O’Hare Airport in 2006 in one such example. The short encounter was rather unremarkable, as UFO sightings go, but the reaction of the airline and the FAA was anything but ordinary, suggesting some type of cover-up between the implicated authorities. What’s more, the sighting reminds us that even nearly 40 years after the US government disavowed all responsibility for investigating UFOs, there are still many parties secretly involved in keeping UFO activity out of the public eye.

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  1. Hard to believe that this was so long ago. Would love to see the photo.I really believe that trained pilots and people used to seeing all sorts of weather phenomena, could be wrong on this one.
    Are we to believe that pilots are so incompetant, that they would confuse clouds etc with UFOs? If so I may never want to fly again.

  2. Keep people suppressed, make them feel stupid, lie to them and don’t investigate any sightings. How long do way take this bullshit from the government we are supposed to trust? I for one am ready to do whatever it takes to get the truth. Time to start the revolution.

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