Interesting UFO video filmed in Austria 11-Feb-2015

Austria UFO

This interesting UFO sighting was taken in the daytime sky above Austria on 11th February 2015. Unfortunately there’s not a lot other info about this footage.

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  1. Tantalizing video, but really tells us nothing. Hard to to make out with so much camera shake. (I can’t use telephoto without shake either).
    Need more info.

  2. looks triangular in shape quite distant good video though more proof csientists dont need to send probes of the seti type looking for extraterrestrials there here have been for eons ,

  3. Are we looking at sky ? or are we looking at a long distance mountain side through fog/smog ?? then it could be someone over there with road flares.
    If sky then …I dunno ..

  4. Might we be looking at nuclear warheads in a controlled burn off?

    At the end of the video as the fires in the sky disappear, might they have burned all their nuclear fuel off?

    • patrick ive seen you answer with this statement numerous times. do you really think a nuclear warhead burnoff (i’ve never heard of this!!) would be done in public? i would think something like that would be done in a facility.

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