Triangle UFO over San Antonio, Texas 17-Jan-2015

triangle ufo

 New video of a triangle-shaped craft flying across the night sky above San Antonio in Texas. This happened on 17th January 2015.

Witness report: TRIANGLE U.F.O CRAFT Billy Martinez San Antonio 1-17-15…craft occupying air space in San Antonio airport without doubt!!! This is definitely in a no fly zone, craft had ‘NO RUNNING LIGHTS’ and was completely black. Triangle craft was about 10 to maybe 15′ in height. The consistent steady lights are consistent with known ET CRAFT. Lights do not alternate from color. They are ‘ULTRAVIOLET’ which is why to the naked eye they reflected no light. Only once recorded are you able to see lights. ET craft made absolutely ‘zero noise’!!! I am in direct contact with them!!!

Author (SAUFOTX @ youtube)

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  1. Another crackpot thinks he’s in touch with Aliens. So why don’t they tell him and then he can tell us what they want and why they are here? Where do they come from? So many questions and no answers.

  2. I am sorry my friends but this is current technology called a triangle blimp which travels above the known mach speeds currently. Its code name is well I can’t disclose that to you but it is highly top secret like 10 levels above the Presidents clearance. Maj12 only

      • a blimp is filled with gas and therefore cannot travel at speed because of air pressure. The technology might well be ours, but it aint no blimp!
        See The Third Explanation Amazon Kindle. Learn something real.

  3. What is he talking about, ET faces? LOL He seemed normal until he said that, did anyone see ET faces? Because I sure didn’t.

  4. The triangular shape has been seen all over Europe and the USA. The technology is unlikely to be ours because as a massive oversized advanced aircraft it would have a military use, and it hasn’t been used yet. It is not a blimp as suggested because, blimps are filled with a gas and therefore cannot accelerate at speed through an atmosphere. It might be a massive camera drone but its purpose remains a total mystery. Either way see The Third Explanation, Amazon Kindle, and really learn something entirely new.

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