Tiny UFO Orbits Around A Huge Asteroid (VIDEO)

UFO asteroid

UFO enthusiasts discovered a small spacecraft orbiting around an asteroid as it goes through the Earth. NASA says a tiny moon, but conspiracy theorists think the other way around.

An asteroid tremendous in size travelled safely past Earth and conspiracy fans claim it had a hitchhiker, an alien spacecraft.

The little object that seems to have a disc shape was spotted using an enormous radar array of NASA’s Deep Space Network in Goldstone, California.

According to the independent agency of the US government, asteroid 2004 BL86 showed in the radar images along with its moon. NASA explains that such kind of moon is quite common.

The space agency states that approximately 16 percent of asteroids measuring at least 655 feet in the near-Earth population are binary, which have a smaller asteroid moon orbiting it, or sometimes triple systems, with two satellites orbiting.

However, as soon as the footage became live on YouTube, users on the video sharing site offer an opinion saying it was a spacecraft.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory released a video showing still frames captured by Deep Space Network. Many commenters believe that the asteroid has a UFO flying in orbit around it. They describe the craft as diamond shaped and flat.

NASA reiterates that the flat object, which doesn’t flip over end is indeed a moon. Some observers suggest that NASA is wrong as any moon this thin would be tumbling end over end.

At least one commenter says that the object keeps itself steady and flies like a ship in space.

UFO Investigations Manual (Amazon link)author Nigel Watson says that Comet 67P is a big extraterrestrial spaceship and NASA has been receiving radio signals from it for the last 20 years. Watson believes that this was the reason Rosetta spacecraft was sent to Comet 67P to make contact with an alien crew. So, a UFO that has been spotted orbiting Asteroid 2004 BL86 should come as no surprise, according to Watson.

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  1. Who writes such stupidities ? for which purpose ? A giant spacecraft that would have nothing to do than orbiting according to Newton’s law in the solar system ? Aliens who whould not yet have invented a propulsion system ?

  2. why are believers in UFO’s always called conspiracy theorists, if any one in this world can not honestly sit there in the dark look at the millions of dots in the sky and say they completely believe that in all this we are the only living being in all of those dots in the sky, if they do then they are nieve to reality and just sheep

    • alot of “those people” believe that God has only made the human race, and it is inconceivable to them that there are “others” out there not of the human race. i believe in God, and i also believe that there are others for sure, as i have seen 4 ufos. i think once a person has seen, they tend to believe.

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