UFO Cases May Be More Active In Australian Skies Than Many Have Thought


Two Melbourne scientists have lodged freedom of information requests, and they were thrilled to know details of 13 UFO cases in the last seven years. Based on the document they received as a response to their applications, it appears that UFOs are more active in Australian airspace than many people believed.

Fascinated with the incident on March 19, 2014 near Perth as reported by Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), Paul Dean and Keith Basterfield filed FOI requests with Air Services Australia. They asked for details on recent cases of UFOs in the Aussie skies.

In a report of the Perth incident on March 19, aircraft crew spotted a bright strobe light directly in front of the plane at around 3,800 feet above mean sea level.

The light went towards the direction of the aircraft and the crew initially thought of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The pilot described the UFO as cylindrical and grey. If not for the pilot’s evasive action, a collision could have happened between the mysterious aerial object and the aircraft, according to the report.

Another interesting incident from the response of Dean and Basterfield requests involved a missile-like object coming down from the sky. Flight XKI – DH8C reported an unusual object of about the size of 1 metre within 50 feet of the aircraft, forcing them to level out shortly as the aerial thing passed left-hand side. The pilot reported observation at 6800 feet.

In the most recent incident on January 2015, another pilot reported spotting something floating, which then vanished without a trace.

In September 2012, flight TGW581 reported seeing a red cylindrical object that passed the aircraft in the opposite direction when ascending through FL200 around 20nm miles south of Sydney.

On April 25, 2010 an unusual pyramid-shaped object was spotted drifting upside down near final rwy 35. The strange object reportedly drifted west going towards rwy 35, then climbed and drifted to the Northeast. Aircraft QFA814 and VOZ259 were diverted to avoid an accident with the unidentified aerial object.

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  1. Above Mean (Average) Sea Level? Aussies measuring in ft? mention of a UAV as though it were already commonplace to see such things in civilian airspace? hmmm… can i have a whitecoat too please?

  2. Who knows what these Antipodeans see? And how often do we get their news on our channels? They may see UAV everyday. Their airspace and country is so vast, very few people would know what was going on in secret or otherwise.!

  3. Thank you so much for all the stories you write about. It does feel good to know that you ‘re not alone, and that you saw something that has a profound effect on your life. I know what I saw, and I’m not crazy !

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