Unknown lights hoverign above Kolomna, Russia 23-Mar-2015

Russia UFOs

New interesting UFO video of an unknown bright objects hovering in the sky above Kolomna, an ancient city of Moscow Oblast, Russia. This was filmed on Monday, 23rd March 2015.

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  1. If this is a hoax, it’s a very good one. There is no noise and even small planes and ‘copters make a lot of noiuse in our night skies. I do not know of any military force which uses such huge, flexible formations of lights. The second half of the vid show lights making very sharp turns. I know of no plave which can do this. Even drones have limited turning ability. The light formations suggests the possibility of two ships or one gigantic ship with moving parts. I do hope someone can investigate this further or at least confirm that the vid is genuine. If it is, wow, we need to be on our toes.

  2. i always believe russian ufo sightinng this is very genuine one looks like a triangle with lights around it excellent video .showing street lights for altitude of crafts awesome thanks its a massive tringular craft . more proof .

  3. I would like to see this video investigated by mufon. If I am not mistaken this video clearly looks like some type of communication of some type. looks like orions belt then a pyramid shape that sticks out in my mind.Its just a matter of time before a alien race makes contact. I also bet its sooner than later.

    • Um… I don’t know of any aircraft which sports x9 light of varying intensity, plus one that moves away and back again on a different trajectory. Whatever this is, it is NOT a plane, nor a helicopter.
      Judging distance is difficult but it does look huge, if it’s just one craft, we’re talking maybe up to a mile in length. If two crafts, then they are totally different but each able to ‘hover’ in the same position with no sound, for over 10mins. Can someone please investigate further because this sort of video is fascinating, even if it’s a hoax.

  4. Concerning the subject of UFO, people today are similar to medieval times when the concept of ETs were not popularly known by the masses. They tended relate the unknown with church controlled sciences of God and the Devil. Anyone who challenged church dogma was subjected to being burned at the stake, tortured to recant beliefs or simply put to the sword on the spot. One of the small benefits of today’s cell phones is the possibility of instant capture of video. However, these too often shaky, grainy blobs of light prove nothing and are easily discredited as fraud or video manipulations. Only when technology offers greater video resolutions will skeptics re-consider

  5. after 5 minutes of blurriness and constantly showing us point of reference, (that’s just fine, but excessive) the video became lovely and clear. it’s stunning. if you watch closely, the object is one piece, as it sways all at once to the left and right. there are two of them. i always found the russian sightings to be the best ones.

  6. I’ve seen things like this before with helium balloons tied onto very thin wire frame.by people at a party. Just saying!

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