Amazing UFO activity over Melbourne, Australia – March 2015

Melbourne UFOs

Here’s one very interesting UFO video filmed over Melbourne in Australia with a night vision camera. It looks like UFOs are attracted by lasers pointed in the sky. This was taken on in early March 2015.

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  1. I think to be more skeptical with creachers from other planets , yes are coming to our Earth , and many as I know , but we are to fear them and they have sirous reasons to fear us , we are not in a consious to accept them , we are at our small world and uour area , have ever thought that what we do is to act in all universe?what is relegon ? how poor are we , we can’t stay an hour in dialogism not hear any , that are we

  2. isso nice having visits from another creachers ,but not from Reptilians to eat us, so the humanity , let me use this word for all creachers are not lke to be the food of reptilians have formed an treaty to be protected from them, they protect also us , and i think now meteoritis had hallen at mexico culf some 500 .000 years was a schedule get rid off all reptilians at a new formed planet !!!!

  3. I’m still trying to figure those comments out. I am assuming that English is not Vivi’s language.but I appreciate the effort.

    • i know. it’s difficult to read some people’s comments. we have to try and just get the gyst of it. they make good efforts so we must appreciate them!

  4. not a great video but good yo see ufos interacting with laser beams . i read vivi pimikyris comments in relation to the eating reptillians theyve been living underground for eons the dracotypes i dont come from mexico but i know the mexican ufo hunters have a wealth of information on lots of sightings & different aliens i.e. jaimie mausson great investigator in that field t.y for comments .

  5. i don’t get those laser beams at all. why do they start in the middle of the sky? how come they don’t start at point of origin on the ground? i would say those are bugs flying around. that’s such a bad idea to do that. it’s illegal and dangerous for pilots flying planes. and i highly doubt aliens would react to something so humanly primitive. (to them, at least.)

  6. Great idea on the lasers, one colour uniformity, red. Leave them there and synchronise, (diagonal opposite corners) accurately positioned in a mounting stand, fixed in position. Record.

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