U.S. Veteran’s Association to Pay for the Treatment of the American Airman Who Suffers Heart Failure after Exposing Himself to High Level of Radiation during British UFO Encounter

Rendlesham UFO Incident

The medical treatment of a man will be paid by the U.S. Veterans Association after he hit by heart problems due to the Suffolk UFO encounter.

A U.S. airman has won his case in a bid to oblige military health chiefs to pay for the treatment of his illness that he got after a UFO encounter in Suffolk.

Airman First Class John Burroughs was part of the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident in December 1980, which also called Britain’s Roswell.

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John Burroughs claims a UFO encounter ruined his health

He claimed that he had undergone lifesaving heart surgery after exposing himself to a considerable amount of radiation while investigating the UFO report in Rendlesham Forest.

His lawyer says that the legal battle would be a story of the real existence of UFOs and that they can cause physical injury.

Burroughs stated that he was not looking for anyone to believe in him, and all he wanted was to get care of his illness.

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident is one of the most mysterious UFO cases of the 20th century. Several members of the American Air Force saw an unusual craft flying above the forest for three consecutive nights.

Burroughs, together with colleague Jim Penniston, went to the woods to get a closer look at the UFO, which described by Penniston as a strange silver craft with symbols that resembled hieroglyphics.

Shortly after, Burroughs felt ill with symptoms of a radiation exposure, but he just did not mind it until 2011. His doctors wondered after the mitral valve of his heart had failed, something that can happen to men much older than 50-year-old Burroughs.

Burroughs’ medical records were classified, and neither Burroughs nor his doctor can get access to them.

Burroughs even claimed that the Air Force denied that he was connected with them at the time of the incident happened.

He tried to ask help from presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, who failed to hand him all the medical records.

Fortunately, Burroughs’ legal team got two documents from the British Ministry of Defence, which prove Burroughs’ claim about the presence of high level of radiation at the site where he had the UFO encounter.

The U.S. Veterans Association and Department of Defence then agreed to shoulder his finances for his treatment.

Burroughs said that he is still trying to figure out what he had seen and perhaps the government is also still trying to understand the whole incident.

According to Pat Frascogna, Burroughs’ lawyer, the U.S. Government has (by de facto) acknowledged that UFOs are real and can inflict physical injury just like Burroughs had experienced.

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  1. OK, look. If you want to generate credibility for things many of us can’t see (UFOs), you might want to pay closer attention to how you describe the things we can see (the VA, or US Dept of Veterans Affairs in this case). There is no such organization called “U.S. Veteran’s Association” affiliated with the U.S. government. There is a USVA but it is a charity created for veterans of military service.

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