Huge black UFO filmed over Enschede, Netherlands – 2014

Netherlands ufo

This interesting footage of a black solid object hovering in the sky above Enschede, a city in the eastern Netherlands in the province of Overijssel. This was filmed on 11th June 2014.

More info in the video!

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  1. hmm this is a very strange film. it doesn’t even look like it’s outside. and what is that lower light reflecting off the window or whatever it is? it looks like a reflection on glass from inside the room. the film is way too difficult to make out at all.

      • Unidentified Flying Orgasm, perhaps? Truth be told, it’s an ‘Unconventional Spacefairing Object’. It sure is something, though, isn’t it? This object is massive, and nimble; it can exist in close proximity to the high temperatures of the sun; It must have such advanced propulsion to escape the sun’s gravity;
        Is it technology, or biology, or something else? Don’t you want to know? What a time to be alive – the knowledge we are about to uncover! Exciting times, Dangerous, but exciting!

        Baron von Schtupfenhosen A.K.A., “The Baron”

  2. Really??? …and this question coming from someone who believes there are UFO’s. This doesn’t even look somewhat authentic. Poor video, staged shots and not very creditable…at least in my eyes.

  3. looks highly suspicious i agree it was a pre staged with little authenticity about it waste of time putting it on the ufo site ? unimpressed .

  4. I have seen this same object over my home in Virginia. Except it was completely dark no lights and no sound. I thought I was hallucinating after working a 12 hours day and never mentioned seeing it to anyone.

  5. Please stop with all these poorly shot videos with low grade,equipment and poor lighting instead spend some money on high grade cameras attached to super bright search lights then come back with that then we can put it to rest and finally have the whole world of the Skeptics to believe like me and others of other Life forms.

  6. I’m te maker of this movie and it’s no hughe object. The light up in the screen is the moon. The other object is an white orb who was flying there. I get my camera and filmed it behind the window of my bedroom. The orb is flying behind the tops of the trees. What you see as an hughe object is just an treetop. Usn posted it and i talked to them that the explanation not is correct. But they didn’t change the subscription because they must delete everything.

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