News Broadcast Video Caught A UFO Streaking Across the Camera Screen

oklahoma ufo

A UFO caught on video during an Oklahoma City morning news broadcast, and they are asking opinions from the viewers about the mysterious UFO’s identity.

A short 13 second video was posted by KOCO 5 News in Oklahoma City on the morning of March 12, 2015. It shows a mysterious bright object flying across the screen. The video was taken by a camera mounted at the top of Grand Casino, located just east of the city.

The news broadcast presented the live video feed from the Grand Casino camera to show traffic on nearby I-40. All of a sudden, a bright object appears across the screen at a blazing speed. It moves away the screen and off to the right. It seems flying nearby and luminescent the whole time.

The broadcasters seem not noticing the object in the video because they did not mention it. One broadcaster only mentioned about the live camera feed from Grand Casino and then went on to introduce their meteorologist.

It appears that KOCO staff did notice the object while shooting the scene and posted the video of the UFO on their website with the title “Caught on camera: UFO flying through the sky near Shawnee.”

The video description says that they caught a flying object on KOCO 5 News at 6 a.m. during a morning news broadcast. However, no other details included in the report.

Viewers suggested shooting stars, meteors, bugs, fireworks, aircraft, and aliens. One viewer wrote in the comment section that aliens have gambling addictions as well. As of this writing, no one suggested the video as a hoax, perhaps because the news station itself took the video.

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    • Do you really have video and where is the address where you saw the circle of the craft? If there’s anything you know it’d be helpful you can either reply or email me

  1. Whatever it was it looks large, hardly a meteor as it appears to have landed in the city. So why no news abut that? Surely there must be someone else who saw this and what about the people where it supposedly landed? Unless it was some type of flare or firework etc.

  2. It seem to have landed while moving at a good clip. Doesn’t look like the city to me. I would ask this question, is there a body of water there (large or small) as the pilot was in a hurry. Doesn’t take much to hide a small scout ship.

    • the camera was pointing west along i-40 and it looks like it landed near the mcloud exit use google maps you will notice the is ponds and high voltage power lines right nearby

  3. En France nous l’avons vu traverser le ciel le dimanche 15 mars à 20h50 .
    Les autoritées gouvernementales ont dit que c’était une météorite ! Peut probable pour moi…
    Surtout que sur cette vidéo : On voit l’objet accélérer …

  4. je suis interloquée en effet résumons : “une boule de feu qui traverse le ciel” a été vu :
    – en France le 6 mars 3h20am
    -Oklahoma le 12 mars usa 5h10am
    -en Alsace le 15 mars 20h50pm !

  5. I have been on this site a few years and as you may know I am hindu monk this one looks very the Vedas ( old hindu spirtiual books ) we call them vimanas they come in 4 shapes and this is one of them

  6. that’s pretty wild and damned fast. that’s not a meteor as it would have made quite a loud explosion hitting the ground. also it seemed to slow down at the last second as it passed over the traffic. what the heck was that!??

  7. Looks cool just can’t explain why it doesn’t slow down r blows up wen it runs straight through the motorway? weird light reflection 4sure

  8. I can’t wait until they give the explanation that it’s a meteor, this thing was moving way to slow to be a meteor, as fast as it was moving, it still wasn’t going as fast as a meteor does, and there was no trail of flame behind it. This one is hard to debunk, however, it still isn’t proof of extraterrestrial life.

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