Three More Witnesses Claim They Also Saw The Same UFOs

Leicestershire UFOs

A dog walker, an AA patrol officer and an off-duty police officer all saw the same two flying UFOs. A woman in her early 40s from Earl Shilton first reported about the orbs to a UFO network. She claimed to have spotted two balls of bright, white light hovering in the sky of Barwell on February 3.

The woman, who successfully captured a video footage of the UFOs through her mobile phone, was awakened by a strange sound at 4:50am.

When the woman looked outside through the window, she saw the bright objects for around a minute. She said that they merged into one and made a side to side movement before shooting off at tremendous speed.

Joanne Kavanagh of the Leicestershire UFO Investigation Network (Lufoin) said they ruled out air ambulance, police helicopter or anything low flying man-made object as the possible explanations of the two aerial objects.

Investigators requested other witnesses to come forward. Days later, the group managed to speak with a Hinckley man from the Hollycroft estate. This man said that he also saw two large illuminated spheres crossing his view above the sky when he was walking his dog around 5am along Roston Drive.

He said that the objects were completely silent at approximately a thousand feet from the ground. Just like what the woman witness had claimed, he also saw the object for around a minute and said that they were heading towards Nuneaton.

When he saw the video of the first witness, he said that the ones he saw looked similar of the UFOs in the footage.

Another witness, an AA patrol officer, came forward saying he also spotted the same objects moving from one place to another and back again across the road without a sound. He continued to observe it flying away from his position, towards Earl Shilton.

The last witness to come out was an off-duty police officer who said that the objects did not resemble any known aircraft.

The officer claimed that he observed them for approximately a minute as they floated in silence over the Barwell area.

Joanne said that their investigation was very exciting as they ruled out a lot of possibilities. They’re hoping that more witnesses will come forward so that they can gather more evidence.

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  1. There are far too many sightings of strange objects flying around within our atmosphere for this phenomenon to be a joke or hoax. The old saying “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…”

  2. It seems there is often not enough to tell if its real or not. This is real but real what. could be opening of the port or a craft. Often the port slides as it opens. But interesting.

  3. Interesting testimony but I wonder why the woman’s age was given, but not the men’s? Why not find out her married or not status, weight and measurements.children etc. This is soooo sexist and should have nothing to do with any sightings.

  4. Just like to clear a couple of things up here… How can people say it’s NOT alien? It’s alien if you don’t know what it is and if it’s flying/unidentified – a ufo.

    • Wrong. The definition of a UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object. Notice the lack of the word, ‘Alien’. Just because something is flying and can’t be identified, doesn’t automatically mean it is of alien origin.

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