Two UFOs Caught On Video Merging Into One

Leicestershire UFOs

A video shows two bright unidentified orb-like objects hovering in the sky over Barwell, Leicestershire. The video was shot by a 41-year-old woman early in the morning of February 3, 2015. Loud noise reportedly awake the woman at 4:50 am. She first thought that the noise was coming from downstairs so, she got up in bed and checked the cause of the disturbance. But she found nothing downstairs, so she made her way back to bed. To her surprise, she spotted two lights out of her window.

Joanne Kavanagh of Leicestershire UFO Investigation Network (LUFOIN) said that it was a clear sky, and no clouds can be seen.

The witness said that the two lights became one and moved side to side. She claimed that she observed the lights for around a minute and a half and shot a video of the strange activity using her phone for 20 seconds. She said that the lights shot off at great speed and merged into one again.

According to Joanne, who also claimed to have experienced unexplained incidents herself, the organisation is still at the stage of investigating the causes of the lights.

She said that they don’t have a single clue at the moment. As of now, they are trying to rule out any possibilities. But they are sure that the lights were not from a police helicopter. She said that the movements of the lights are not the actions of a plane or a helicopter.

Joanne also ruled out Chinese lanterns or drones because they simply don’t move in the same way as the lights in the video.

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