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Your UFO reports: 28th February – 4th March 2015
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Bakersfield, California – 03/08/2015
I was sitting in my front yard having a bonfire with friends around 9:30 pm when I looked up into the sky. Straight ahead of me, probably several miles away, there was a large blue light floating in the sky. Right as I looked up and saw it, it dropped straight down and then disappeared. Almost as if you are holding a ball and drop it straight down from your hand, but the “ball” aka UFO disappeared before it could hit/crash. I was waiting to hear a boom or some sort of crash sound but I never heard anything. It happened very quickly, in a matter of seconds. I have also seen these driving at night back and forth from Taft and Bakersfield. Hopefully I am not the only one reporting sightings in this area, as it seems to be “infested” with UFO’s in the past few years. Sorry I do not have any photos.
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St Joseph MI – 03/05/15
I was at the Kiwanis dog park at 6:10 am.  Morning was dark, with clear skies except for full moon over the trees in southwest corner.  Ground was covered with snow, with thick layer of ice.  To the northeast I saw 2 radiant parallel beams or columns of light.  They were approx 200 feet high in the sky, maybe 150 feet long each, then terminating.  Beams were not moving.  They were in sky at least 3 to 5 min.  I have never seen anything like this in my life.  My initial response was, “What is this?”  Then became afraid as I realized this was not a search light or other type of known light.  As I was leaving the park, I noticed they were gone.
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Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines – February 28, 2015
Calamba City UFOMy friends from law school and I were attending a wedding that afternoon and in the evening, the reception was being held at the Roma Vita Resort at the foot of Mt. Makiling in Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines. My friend Sween Escober-Vallescas, using her DLSR camera began taking shots of the view. Upon uploading the pictures on Facebook, that is when we noticed the peculiar white speck in the night sky flying above the mountains. It is shaped like a toy top with a white elliptical halo around it.
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Merced, California – Feb 28th 2015 2:48 pm
california ufoA ok idk my mom said I should send u guys this pick idk what it is maybe bird plane or something it’s about center to the right in the picture but yeah if u can tell me ur thoughts on it
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 Near Feather Falls Calif. – Tue. February 24, 2015
I was taking a picture of a condensation trail from a jet that had flown over to the west of my house. After I observed the photo I noticed a small speck in the picture,(picture was taken from my phone camera). Not thinking much of it at the time, I discounted it as a particle on the lens or a bug that flew by. A few days later I enlarged it and was surprised to see a disk shaped object with what appeared to have some sort of a reflection at the bottom, indicating to me to be metallic looking. I keep trying to debunk the thoughts I have that it is a UFO. I would like someone to look at it and and inform me what it is. I prefer not to email it. Is there anyone near Oroville or Chico Calif. that I could take it to? Thank you.
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Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside. – sat.21.feb.2015.
Merseyside UFOThis is the first of 3 Celestial Starships filmed of 7 or 8 seen,and was hovering 1.5-2mls.,to E,17-20,000ft.,alt.Probably interstellar,and see,on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,MVI_5979.  ,but if censored,scroll to url,or try,Google,Robert Newton ufo,or,Robert Newton@astralaeos,on Twitter.I now have 245 vid’s.of alien craft,some multiple,and I have lot’s more film.19mls.,E,of Liverpool.
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Bangkok – Mid February 2015
Near Don muang Airport, both myself and my GF whilst eating in evening on our balcony saw a light, not on Don muang flight path, but near the airport. Was bright round white light that was in the sky and had a smaller light underneath fly towards it and then the light just vanished like the light had been switched off. Never seen anything like that before.
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Oak forest – 02/08/2015
It’s north of me its high above. It’s flashing redevery once in a while and it repeats itself. It will start blinking red light crazy None stop then it will start again and It will repeats itself As of right now it is white it doesn’t seem like it’s moving right now. I never seen anything like it. All I do is look at the sky every day I’ve never seen anything like it.  I wish I could take a photo of it.
I reported lights high above with flashing lights above north of me it is now far southwest of me now in a few hours I’m also going by the moon. I’m also going by the stars and doesn’t add up right
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11th September 2004, Burghfield, Reading, Berks, ENGLAND
Driving back from daughters house early morning, sun not up yet,wife said watch out, as i was looking out of side window, nearly put the van into the ditch, stopped the van and asked her to look out of my window, what do you see i said, “it looks like a spaceship” she said, So heres another UFO sighting, little lights, funny noise,fast, racing across the sky,there one second gone the next, yea we have heard it all before, no concrete evidence, no other witnesses,cant be sure, watched this spaceship for about six minutes, just silently hovering in the same place, no movement as yet, we were about 2oo metres from a M.O.D establishment, cameras all over the place, no way that they didn’t capture the spaceship on these cams, for years wondered why they never showed the videos of the spaceship? always wanted to know why and how they kept this a secret? amazed how this has never been investigated? when i read back of the sighting that morning not much more could i add, except since i’ve looked into more reasons why they haven’t shown this spaceship it becomes obvious to me that the powers to be have suppressed the sighting because of the change of energy source they would have to show the world. as i said we watched for about six minutes the spaceship started to move off, we never saw anything or body get on or off, it moved north for 800 metres then turned east until we lost sight of it, it travelled at about 100 miles per hour, the shape was normal looking spaceship, lights around middle looked like they were flashing, pastel in colour, the actual makeup look of the spaceship was thundery clouds racing through it, this was showing up more as the morning sky was bright blue, not a cloud in the sky anywhere, it was as if they had got the camouflage wrong? weird? we followed the spaceship for 400 metres where it changed course we watched from a motorway bridge, there were many cars both way on that motorway that would have seen the spaceship, also the M4 roundabout cams would have seen it? NOTHING, NO ONE, NOT ONE PIECE OF EVIDENCE ANYWHERE, thank you for reading this comment, and you’re probably thinking wow great, exciting,or mans crazy,on drugs,nutter, and when i tell you that the spaceship was the size of Wembley football stadium, most people would agree with you. BUT KNOW THIS, if anyone has the power to ask the people on duty that morning at the M.O.D. who were watching the security monitors, your find that all i saw was true. also these people would have had to report it to their superiors, then M16 NASA they already have this technology is why they are not investigating my sighting, SUPPRESSION of advanced energy technology of course until we find a way of allowing the billions to benefit, the earth’s existence relies on this type of free clean energy. somehow we as custodians of the planet need to come up with a way for the powers of this world to agree to a new energy force which we have, although at this time not being used.
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Center of town Lisbon, LA. – December 16/ 1963
That day the sky was very cloudy and very dark that night. you could not see any stars nor the moon. There was no break in clouds at all. Time was about 7-8PM. When I first saw I was going nearly due east and was beside some of the plant used on the gas plant. There was a split in the clouds that had to be between 6-8 miles wide that a very bright light was shining down through. The split was very straight. The light was shining down lighting up the clouds below it. Above it the clouds were very dark like all the others. That the angle up to the split was about15 degrees. Less than a mile further I made a right turn on a Y in road and continued seeing it. At Sharon LA made a right turn and after a few miles I turned right again heading South seeing it all time. Next night about same time I checked the moon and it was in the west at about 2pm on a clock. This could not haven been the moon anyway because light was a very bright white colored. No photo for I did not have a camera.
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