UK Ministry of Defence Helicopter Chases UFOs Above English Town

MOD ufos

A family witnessed four UFOs during a barbecue activity outdoor. Interestingly, a Ministry of Defence helicopter also became part of the scene when it appeared to chase these mysterious aerial objects in the skies above the English town of Bolton.

Andrea Finney, who was with her husband Nigel and their son, first noticed the UFOs in the sky. She alerted her family about them and asked her husband to grab a camera. Nigel managed to snap a few photos of the unusual aerial activity. But only one photo made available online.

Furthermore, only one UFO in a distance seems to appear in the picture. Nigel explained that the camera he was using doesn’t have a good zoom feature, but no explanation as to why only one UFO was captured in the photograph.

The witnesses assert that after the UFOs had zoomed off, they noticed an MOD helicopter pursuing these strange aerial things.

Nigel said that they could not explain the aerial activity. He ruled out hot air balloons, Chinese lanterns and any known aircraft.

Andrea added that they were the strangest aerial objects she had seen in her entire life. She was just gobsmacked.

It’s not clear on what day and time the sighting happened, but it definitely startled the witnesses.

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  1. I`ve had a similar experience. On a clear spring day, I was doing some yard work in my backyard when a helicopter slowly approached, flying very low. It was completely black even the glass was blacked out and had no markings. It disappeared to the south but while I was still looking up, I noticed 2 medicine ball sized orbs overhead. They seemed to be dancing. At first I thought they were either balloons or acrobatic kites. Just then the helicopter re-appeared, the orbs came together as one and sped off to the west, with the chopper in full pursuit. 4 years later I still have no explanation to what I saw !

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