UFO activity over Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 24-Mar-2015

Brazil UFOs

 This interesting video of a bright unidentified flying objects flying across the night sky above a Rio de Janeiro a Brazil.

What do you think this is? This paranormal phenomena happened on 24th March 2015.

Your opinion?
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  1. If “it’s too good to be true.” I’d love to sit down with the original. If the objects are actually several miles away and were making any appreciable Lateral motion, I would most certainly say “Well Done!” However, colored lights in concentrics on single plane, is too easy to fake?

  2. The universe is teeming with all manner of countless life form types, and have been since long before the Earth was created. The Earth has been visited for millions of years, recent times are NO different. They are extraterrestrial ALIENS that evolved under completely different conditions, some do not even process information the same way as humans,– many have “agendas” that cannot be comprehended by humans because humans do not have similar thought processes. Human arrogance and lack of enlightened consciousness has relegated surface civilizations to a level no higher than similarly a human trying to communicate with an ant colony

  3. There is NOTHING in the entire history of humanity that is original or that has not been done before. There is no human imagining that is not a reality somewhere in the realm of creation. Everything in the universe is CYCLIC and has a reality in the repetition of time. Just as the most complex and beautiful flower blooms in it’s season, there is a repeating of human beauty of enlightenment — then a time of decline once seasonal energies are spent. Indeed, humanity has been this way before and will again in time

  4. The most confusing dilemma of the rise and fall of modern human civilization is the fact it is cyclic. Every day, all over the planet, scientist find ancient mysteries which they neither understand or recognize it’s purpose. Instead of admitting those who came before may have known sciences and methods that were more advanced than those known today, they shy away and offer anecdotal excuses based on fear and ignorance. After all, no scientist wants to admit they have no clue about what they are confronted with. Truth is, after every destruction of past civilizations, there is a another rise from the ashes of the past. We are just now emerging from another dark age

  5. das waren wunderbare bemannte stern raumschiffe ufos gibt es nicht und hat sie nie gegeben so einfach ist es ausserdem stehe ich mit unseren brüdern den außeerirdischen im kontakt in klaren nächten versteht sich wacht endlich auf

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