Daytime photos of a bright ring over New Ellenton, South Carolina 8-Apr-2015

South Carolina ring UFO

These two photos were submitted to MUFON today. They are showing a bright circle-shaped object in the sky above New Ellenton in South Carolina

Witness report: I was photographing clouds with my cell phone. In between layers of cloud was what I thought a star until I went inside and zoomed in. The circle with a hole on the center was clearly not a star. I was in front of my house in New Ellenton, S. C. In Aiken County. I enjoy photographing the sky, stars moon and clouds. But I have never seen this before. 

Author (source: mufon)

Ring UFO

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  1. The question of whether or not we are alone in the universe has definitively been answered. Actually the question was answered long ago, but those who choose not to look at the overwhelming evidence are the same group of people who undermine credibility with half-baked, one size fits all “swamp gas” dismissive responses. The proof of an extraterrestrial presence, is now a daily occurrence. Anyone who can state that complex geometrical “crop circles ” are the work of pranksters is not a person with a sound mind. It is ironic that advances in technology, the result of reverse engineering have aided in cementing the fact that we aren’t as unique, as was once thought!

    • some people are too frightened by the whole truth of other life forms, so they dismiss it all. others are the type who need to see to believe. until they do, they will deny ufo and alien existence. you can have a sound mind and still not believe in crop circles and how they are made. (NOT by pranksters at all)

  2. So those whose opinions differ with your, are of unsound mind?
    The truth is the truth is the truth. so why are you getting bent out of shape?

  3. I have seen 2 very wonderful things in my sky . Yes they are real . And I believe that God made all and that we all belong and the interplanetary beings are here to protect the good people and to remind the bad people of good . Rita

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