Amazing UFO video 2015: Very low height object over Indiana

ufo indiana

TV report from The Third Millenium about this interesting UFO sighting over Indiana, that happened on 2nd March 2015.

The video is in spanish, but you can activate auto-generated subtitles in any other language.

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  1. bad cgi. at first i thought it was a reflection. then i see the light disappear behind objects. but then the light stays the same behind trees. it’s a very bad cgi.

  2. It appears to me, that this is only a reflection from the drivers window, as it’s parallel with the car and both going exactly the same speed, another words it’s fake, anyone else would have stopped the car and get out to film/see it.

    • It cannot be a reflection as it disappears behind the buildings and you can tell it’s behind the trees. I’m not sure what this thing is to tell the truth.

  3. Something “huge” and nearly stationary at a distance would look more or less as a reflection or something following the car, and would seem to pass behind things in between the viewer/car and the thing, just like the Moon.

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