Fast UFO caught on tape over Naples, Florida 11-Apr-2015

Florida UFO

Here’s one interesting video of a bright unidentified flying object flying very fast and low over the beach in Naples, Florida. This was recorded on 11th April 2015.

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  1. is this two different sightings in one shot? i mean there’s a flat one, then one that looks like an airplane landing.

  2. Consider there is no reflection below of such a bright light on what appears to be a calm looking ocean, although that could be inferring that the light was nearer to the camera than a reflection was possible to be seen at that angle ….??? know what I mean ?

  3. Ok, so it looks like two different videos, and in both cases the camera was filming already before the objects were visible. Notice the missing frames. These videos were sped up, it was done by deleting some of the frames from the video. It appears the camera person was expecting these craft, so they are probably planes landing and he knows the route they take so he could film them and then alter the video. Iceni, meteors do not change direction.

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