Mexican News Site Picks Up UFO Videos Over Tijuana


Cadena News, a Mexico-based news site, posted videos of several mysterious lights above Tijuana. The videos show an incredible display of lights by what seems to be a disc-shaped object.

Alfredo Alvarez, a Cadena News reporter, posted two videos to his YouTube account and then Cadena News posted them to their website. Aside from the titles “OVNI en Tijuana (UFO in Tijuana)” and “Otro OVNI en Tijuana (Another UFO in Tijuana),” no further description is being provided by Alvarez.

Cadena News provided slightly more information stating that the sightings happened in corner 10 de Mayo and Boulevard 2000. The news site noted, however, that UFO isn’t synonymous with an alien.

The first video shows a bright light in the dark sky that appears to be pulsing. The camera then looks panning down to show the cars on the side of the road, indicating that there were some witnesses looking at the mysterious lights.

After within an hour, Cadena News posted another video with the title “There are new UFO videos in Tijuana.” The only content of the post is “Watch the video…it shows more detail of the strange object. What do you think? UFO.” The video again shows a bright object in the dark sky. As the video zooms in, the details of the object can be made out. The disc-shaped object in the video appears to rock back and forth. It has a ring of lights that appears to be moving. No lights can be seen at the top of the object as it rocks. It has lights on the bottom though.

There’s no information about the identity of the object or if the videos were shot at the same time. Also, no witness’ description or commentary in both videos. It would have been great if there’s a description from Alvarez.

The videos still interest a lot of people despite the lack of information on both of them. Take a look at the videos and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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  1. wasn’t this just here? it’s a drone, unfortunately. see how it swings back and forth, like the pilot cannot keep it levelled. or he’s doing it on purpose.

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