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This video was recently submitted to me by Robert Bingham.

3/26/15 Capture near Sony Studios in Culver City, Los Angeles, CA. The UFO is a captured facade that actually transforms in front of your eyes. This is a foundational video for those who are stuck with inductive reasoning. Just because it is colored like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, doesn’t mean it is not a decoy. This 5:20 second video reveals a transformation beyond belief within 64 seconds of the tape. Most people would have intuitively reasoned and judged this object within 15 seconds and not wasted their time to view the object any further much less taped it. Robert Bingham noticed subtle indications of imitation prior to transformation and continued to videotape the object. As the tape progresses, you will find that this object transforms into the same pattern over and over again. Please note that towards the end of the tape, it reveals its interior (black) as it closes up, something you have to see in order to believe. Amazing footage by the masterful artist of Summoning UFOs, Robert Bingham.

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  1. This guy is a fake, he uses balloons that are most likely being released by his partner. Check out his youtube channel, you’ll see most of his videos are obvious balloons that he pretends to summon, lol

  2. what do you mean “stuck in inductive reasoning” ? that means “to lead”. that’s a balloon, and it’s changing shape because the wind is doing that to it. really how can you think this is a ufo?

  3. If this happened anywhere other than Hollywood (yes same difference you’re only 7miles apart) I would be a bit baffled. I simply can not accept that aliens would congregate around something so desperately fake to it’s very core. So… in turn, this video is also fake. Call us when something happens in Fargo.

  4. This is a real UFO FOOTAGE, this´s an OVNI VARIABLE (we call in this way here in Argentina) and i have a friend named Cristian Soldano (thru this name you can get his site in FACEBOOK, and you´ll a lot of these variables). Congratulations Mr Bingham, you have filmed a new UFO shape.

  5. I know a lot of Roberts videos look like balloons and its easy to be skeptical about them. I watched one of Robert videos about summoning and tried it myself and yes something appeared out of the sky where i was watching a ufo blew me away i can tell you and lasted for 5 minutes. I am a believer we are not alone in this universe

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