UFO Cover-Up Issue Surrounds the Delay of Releasing Britain’s X-Files

Rendlesham UFO Incident

The delay in the release of a cache of documents called as Britain’s X-Files has made UFO spotters to think of a cover-up. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) failed to fulfil its promise to release 18 UFO files at the end of 2014. The MoD admitted that it did not hand the cache over on the scheduled date after Lord Black of Brentwood questioned to the House of Lords about the update.

The defence ministry promised to release the files in late 2015 or 2016 instead. MoD blamed the delay to the additional processing requirements.

Former UFO investigator at the MoD, Nick Pope, said that the massive delay has caused several conspiracy theorists to think of a cover up.

Nick Pope explained that the suspicions about the delay focused on the idea that there’s information in these files that would shock the world that the Ministry doesn’t know how to handle it.

Many UFO enthusiasts and followers are thrilled to know the details of the famous UFO encounter in Rendlesham Forest, which has been popularly known as Britain’s Roswell.

During this incident, radiation exposure reportedly affected much to the health of an American Airman First Class John Burroughs. Pope added that these documents could be called legitimately as Britain’s X-Files and most probably include further reports on the alleged UFO and alien encounter in the Rendlesham Forest.

The UK government admitted that there’s a big possibility that the witnesses at Rendlesham forest were irradiated. Recently, the US government settled an injury claim on the basis of the admission by the UK government. This possibly caused a high-level diplomatic row that resulted in a delay, according to Pope.

Attorney Pat Frascogna recently won a legal bid for Burroughs to force military health chiefs to shoulder the finances of the former US airman. Frascogna said that they knew there was information in MoD files regarding the Rendlesham Forest incident because it was clearly indicated in the MoD files that they obtained through a Freedom of Information request in 2014. According to Frascogna, either the MoD is hesitant to release these secret files or someone ordered to delay their release.

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  1. ‘UFO Cover-Up Issue Surrounds the Delay of Releasing Britain’s X-Files’
    Why are people so shocked at this information?
    How naïve and ignorant some people are to expect the British Government to divulge information that they have kept secret and lied about for the past 70 years to the plebeian population.
    Wake-up people and believe nothing that you are fed from our government, especially the disinformation that spews from the people WE elect!

  2. What intrigues me is: If there is no threat to UK security and bearing in mind that these files are many years old, so the past actions of the governments of the time do not really matter….why not reveal all?
    Intelligence agencies like to play games, like to think that they are more intelligent than we, the public and therefore delibertely set out to misinform. They do this, not to hide the truth but to make sure that the general public are kept confused and thus, easy to control.
    If there is nothing to hide…publish and let us make up our own minds for goodness sake. Conspiracy or not, we have a right to know one way or another. Mind you, I doubt the government has all the answers anyway, a government is not always in full control or in the know. Now isn’t that strange?

  3. I have always been intrigued by a documented response by President Harry Truman to a reporters question as to what if any briefings he got as president regarding UFO activity. His response was “There were always reports on UFO’s and things like that”. I have never heard anybody follow up on just what he may have meant by “things like that”.

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