Man Behind 1947’s UFO Roswell Incident Linked to Alien Hoaxes

Alien Body

Do aliens exist? Thousands of videos and pictures of UFOs are taken every year and enthusiasts believe that many of them could be a hidden or proof conspiracy. While some people have demystified them as fake, there are still believers of alien’s existence, making our experts scratch their heads and have also been wondering if whether or not these UFOs are our visitors from another planet. Recently, the most controversial Roswell UFO crash “mystery” has now been solved. It was found out that there were no extraterrestrial spacecraft involved. The original report is quite interesting.

Jamie Maussan was one of the people involved in the release of a new ‘smoking gun’ image. He strongly admitted and claimed that the image shows aliens that died in in 1947 during the crash near Roswell, New Mexico. Today, the picture is widely believed to be one of the strings of alien hoaxes.

The Unravelling Controversy

Jamie Maussan, a man who supported shocking alien hoaxes, paid £15,000 just to obtain a squirrel skinned monkey as an alien corpse. The ears were taken out as well as the fluids and hair of the animal, and it was dried out to appear different from animals. When the Roswell incident has emerged, and has become the major UFO subject, he sold lots of tickets at an average price of £40 to the people since the release of the slides is considered to be a Roswell alien event. Mr Maussan and his co-organizers have taken at least £240,000. Roswell incident has long been seen and considered as the largest and the biggest alien mystery of all time ever since it has emerged. The photos were seen as promising, that even people who cannot attend the prepared event need to pay between £10 and £15 in order to watch it online. The photos were believed to be promising, historical, legendary and irrefutable proof of UFO crash of Roswell. The myth of Roswell during that time was an alien corpse found by the US military in a crashed space craft on a ranch that have been hidden from the public ever since it emerged.

Nigel Watson, the UFO investigator from Plymouth said that the whole scenario was a money making form of circus lead by Jamie Maussan, who has a record of promoting strings of UFO images and reports that have been concluded to be hoaxes. The photos which surfaced twenty years ago were later proved to be fake. The “alien” which Maussan is trying to show the world, is obviously a mummified human child. Mr Maussan, who was once a top ufologist in Mexico, has seen his well-documented aliens as one of the strings of hoaxes.

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  1. Out of all the places on this world yet ufos mainly exist of america, so ask your selves this why always america with them being the biggest war mongering country here always look Ay making a new weapon Somert everyone else ain’t got. Then look at this photo. Roswell ect are nothing but testings aliens exist but they ain’t bent on hovering over one country or our planet they’ve been here and long gone way before America was funded, way before humanity became what we are today. They may pass through every now and again but the fact is they’ll see us as aggressive destructive beings not somert they’d be happy to congress with.

  2. I don’t get most of what you wrote, Ovni. I guess it’s ‘cos English isn’t my first language. Or it might be ‘cos actually u don’t care if people understand u or not. Who knows. Really..who knows ?

  3. Oh deary me. America is not the be all and end all of the world! Thousands of UFOs are seen in Britain, Canada, France Russia etc, etc,every year, just not reported here. The US,is not any more aggressive than other countries, only more open about it. Look at what Russia is doing right now.
    And how do we know that the aliens whatever/whoever they are, don’t enjoy watching our behavior? Maybe we are their entertainment. After all at a play for instance, you don’t interact withe the actors, you just sit back and enjoy!

  4. Ovni, I don’t know where you got your information from but UFO sightings are reported all over the world. There is nothing special about the number of UFO reports in the USA compared to other countries in the world.

    The difference is that the US media can be seen, generally speaking, as international media and is therefore very prevalent around the world. For instance, many documentary series about UFO’s are created in the US and obviously they tend to look at UFO cases from the US.

    The fact of the matter is that UFO sightings are prevalent in most countries in the world, but how often do you and I watch the Chinese media and watch Chinese documentaries or Russian, or Swedish, of South American?

  5. Bummer.
    This illustrates the inherent problem with UFO research. Too much baloney, precious little that’s verifiable.

    Well, I’ve got the worse camera I own with me and I’m ready to photograph some aliens as soon as they show up. I’ll be sure not to focus too well or hold on a shot long enough to see what’s going on. And put that tripod away!

  6. Geezus, people. Some retarded illegal alien makes a dimwitted article with no corroboration, no ‘provenance’, no nothing but hearsay, and then a few dimmer bulbs go along for that ride? Roswell happened, and there were dead aliens. Perhaps Jaime Maussen has a fake, but apparently the slide is from 1947. How could they have known to fake this back then? This reeks of disinfo. And the ‘mousev Mexican’ may be a Hispanic PT Barum, but that doesn’t mean all of his stuff is fake. Clearly , there is a ton of ET activity in Mexico.

    Get some balls, all ‘y’alls!

    • I agree with ‘Dr. Pax! Roswell happened. One or more aliens were recovered. EXPERTS, EXPERTS say the slides are from around 1947!!!!!
      What more need be said? There are too many faulty thinking/non thinking people trying to comment on something when they’re NOT
      equipped to do so! What a joke we must appear to be to these creatures whether they’re benevolent, or not!

  7. First of all, poster Ovni is either ill-informed or is being purposely obtuse. It’s apparent English is not his first language but that is no excuse for being so clearly wrong about so many things. Do some reading, learn some things. My 4th grade teacher once told me: “Learn everything you can….about everything you can.” For starters, hundreds of non-USA UFO sightings are reported annually at the web site. You might try beginning your education of the UFO subject there.

    BTW, “war mongering”? Really? Really? You have a very limited/narrow view of world history.

  8. Well, at least that does show the poor state of ufology … too many stories, witness, “pictures” and bs .. not a single fact !
    It’s all “believe it or not but “xxxxxxxxxx (put story here)” and add one photo or video that could be anything …

    I am not a old man, but it was better in the past , at least people were searching , perhaps not the truth, but evidence,clues …before telling “look at that” .
    Now ufology is worse than mainstream media, when it comes to turn ufo into folklore…

    Now, i doubt, perhaps all of this “ufo” stuff is fake, perhaps it was lsd experiment, making people see aliens , perhaps it just secret aircraft, perhaps it’s real, but we can’t just believe anyone anymore, and since zero research are made …bah! (mufon keep all best files apart, small group can’t do much, internet is all about “click,click”.)

    Sorry for poor english, but after a few years of advancement on ufo topic, we are back to the starting point…oh and cgi, of’s sad. Maussan is not exception, but the rules.

  9. Jaime Mausson was the guy pushing the tiny skeleton down in Mexico, with a rancher saying it was alive running around his barn before it died. The problem was that the earlier researchers to examine it readily had it identified by experts–it was a common animal. No question!…I forget if they matched the skeleton or the DNA, but there simply was no question. ZIP. It looked like a kangaroo rat, but was something else–definitely, Mausson had to acknowledge it, case closed…. No alien.

    But then, Mausson was on another show a couple or 4 years later, pretending he did not know what it was, taking new researchers to the barn…I could not believe my eyes! He knew darn well it was an animal! He lied directly to the camera, pretending it was an alien. Never mentioned the earlier examination by a lab, specialists from a university as I recall. Scholastic-type experts, not the kind that label themselves. Nothing he ever says or does can have any credibility as far as I am concerned, and it you saw the first documentary, you’ld agree–there was no question.

    That said, tying that fraud to Roswell is as shady a step as Mausson pretending the skeleton was an alien. Every person who actually saw the wreckage said that the metal was nothing like the garbage the government displayed in the most recent explanation. And I heard a nurse interviewed years ago who was asked to call the funeral home in town to obtain child-sized coffins, and she said she saw the small bodies. No reason for her to lie after decades of silence. Same with the men who described the metal and tried to match it to substances we have on Earth–they identified the same substance as the closest, for the same reasons, and ruled out weather balloon stuff and for the same reasons there, too.

    That case is open as far as I am concerned, and there are so many legit sightings of things beyond any earthly technology (think of the Bentwaters Rendlesham Forest sightings by 3 servicemen, the Belgian wave of sightings by police offices who chased them all over town and watched them a number of times, then the Japan Air Lines 747 that had the object that was 2 football fields in length run circles around them in the skies over Alaska, while the tower on the ground watched and recorded the radar images! That’s 3 that just can’t be questioned, and then there are the Arizona lights that were seen an hour BEFORE the military scrambled the jets and sent the flares up to cover for what really happened earlier. There have been sightings in every corner of the planet, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Israel, Africa–it’s just not reasonable to deny them. Humans may produce a crackpot here and there, but many of those who have seen these things are not crackpots, beginning with the earliest settlers here in the U.S., and the Native Americans before them,and the Coloradans and Texans 100 years ago, and WWII servicepeople in the skies and on the oceans, to Betty and Barney Hill.

    When you read the numbers of sun-sized stars out there, the numbers of planets earth-like distances from them, and finally the 14+ billion years the universe has been evolving, with us starting to travel outward in just 100 million years of man’s evolution? And they have had over 140 times that 100 million years? (I think I did the math correctly?) Just think of us in one million years! How about in 100 million? One billion? Boggles the mind to think of where Einstein could be if he had just another million years!

    Anyway, they have had so many times the several thousand years of technical advancement we’ve had on Earth, it is virtually impossible to imagine there aren’t many civilizations checking us out…first for our minerals, then our bombs and radio/tv transmissions. Their technology would be so far beyond ours, they may have been watching “Earth: The Reality Show” on their home planet, once they wired us up with a nano-sized satelite or 2 back in the dinosaur days! They could know us much better than we know ourselves. They had Jurassic Park–the real thing, Derin Kuyu,the 7 Wonders of the World, Egypt-pyramids, Ahkenaten, Tut, Ramses, China, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Greece, Rome, Mayans, Inca, Aztecs, Inquisition, Rennaissance, American Revolution, Napoleon, Civil War, WWI, WWII, the Holocaust, Cold War, Moon launches, Shuttles…. What a reality series! What if their technology can time travel their satellites through the centuries? A billion years must be enough to do that.

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