UFO Expert Captures Close Encounter With Disk-Shaped Craft

Australia UFO

UFOs are far from any natural phenomena and man-made objects in the sky. Belief in UFOs and extra-terrestrials is fast becoming in this modern age. On Saturday morning, an Australian man named Alan Ferguson believes that he spotted an irrefutable evidence of extraterrestrial visitation, when UFO has emerged in the Northern Territory sky.

He was able to capture on camera his close encounter as the alien spaceship soared above his property on Acacia Hills. The UFO expert documents all the UFO sightings and encounters throughout Australia to be placed on his page UFOTerritory. He said that the camera was set on a fast-speed loop. But for him, the unusual incident has become normal since he has already seen more than 500 UFOs throughout his existence. He was able to familiarize, and become a good observer.

The Immeasurable UFO Sightings

Australia UFO
Ferguson’s UFO photo from 2008

Started as a three year old boy, UFO was sitting above their house in Albury with lights spinning fast before flying up in the sky. They were weird screams heard by the neighbors. Five years after, he again saw a blue, white and red mysterious UFO object following the car. He claimed that the Northern Territory, which is his adopted home, was a “Hot Spot” of strange UFOs due to different military exercises. He already spotted a moving vehicle from military and has also spotted a scene with UFO vehicle. He said that movements are totally different from each other.

Exposing the Controversial Truth

“Is the truth out there?” This is a mind-boggling question. But for Mr. Ferguson, he is certain about his answers, but chose not to reveal the complete details to the general public because it would blow one’s mind. He admitted that the moment he tells the truth about what he has seen, narrow minded people would just laugh about it.

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  1. We better wake up here. Check out: “Allies of humanity” in a search. The endgame is upon us. We need to stop fighting amongst ourselves, unite as a race, take care of our one and only home and defy the aliens and their agenda, or it will be worse than we can possibly imagine!

  2. Yes…at this stage,human kind ,is our own worst enemy..!!…but any attack,will make our weapons like “pop guns”

  3. I know what that is on 1st glance. It’s that solar plane that’s flying around the world. It has a ton of lights on the front of the wings (rows of 4) and they bend exactly like that. You’d have to have been under a rock not to have seen it on the news in the past few weeks somewhere.. so why are these idiots trying to make out it’s a UFO… makes anyone actually looking look like a fool.. not impressed.

    • Calling people “idiots” is never good, mostly on a forum, ‘cos we are not sitting at the same table, but I’m sure u brave, and u say the same at people u meet in person, I guess u sure nobody will ever feel insulted and nobody will ever stop u and have a frank talk. But still, isn’t that kind.

  4. natural ufo they come and go what they want who now what they need human to be slave to them or the plant nobody now what they want but the sign of them they are around us more the before

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