Thousands of People Confirm UFO Crash in Bolivia

Bolivia UFO Crash

One of the reasons why people do not believe in Unidentified Flying Objects is because of the saying “what you see is what you believe”. While this may not be applicable at all times, in most cases, it could be the reason UFOs have received extreme negative criticisms. Among the many UFO reports, the Bolivia incident is one of the strangest stories that circulated in the media. Unlike any other reports, the witnesses of this event are not one or two, but thousands of people.

The Story

Bolivia UFO Crash mountain
El Taire mountain

At about 4:15 p.m. on May 6, 1978, there is something strange object crashed on the mountain near El Taire, specifically on the Bermejo River. This is the border between Argentina and Bolivian province. There are thousands of people who saw the incident. At first, the object is hard to describe as it is not apparent. Later on, the object was described as cylindrical in shape that has a luminous tail. It was flaming and has caused a supersonic bang that was heard about 150 miles away. On the next day, they were papers that speculated about the incident in the labeled godforsaken place.

The Statements Uncovered

Even if thousands of people were there, there have been explanations that range from UFOs to meteorites up to Apollo capsule. The army was convinced that the crashed object was a UFO. As proof, they stated that their men have discovered the crashed object and inspected it. It appeared as a 12 ft dull metallic cylinder extended with a few dents. Unfortunately, no one knows what is inside it. Juan Hurtado, the Policeman, had also seen the incident and it described as a massive wine container that emits a trace of white smoke. He claimed that he saw it clearly. The eye witnesses gathered these statements.

They are waiting for the arrival of technical commissions. They are also waiting for the NASA expert to arrive.

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  1. The revelation of SOM-1 leads me to believe, first of all that SOM-1 is real and we need to find a way to educate the American and world communities of the existence of UFO’s. I consider myself an amateur creationist, who without actually seeing all but one UFO agree we are not alone in the Universe. If there were no UFO’s why would there have to be a recovery manual.

    • And why would it mention the S-4 facility seven times on page 11 as a place to take ufo crash retrieval

  2. On the crashes I often wonder WTH is with that who knows tho, yes it has been noted that radar has negative effects to UFOs and also read about lighting bringing a craft down. You have to think that maybe simple things to us may be unknown to ETs if it was never experienced before. Could a lighting strike bring down a UFO?

    Why not could be enough to catch a craft unguarded enough to make it hit the ground if already close. It certainly still effects our own aircraft and can bring our own aircraft down.

  3. i am hindu monk study vedas 43 years and all hindu know ufos (vimanas)we call in india,, they are real.i know many do not think they are real and I feel sorry for them they never will no matter how many video or any one can tell them. keep up the good work and read our vedas thank you

  4. Here is a question for all of you.
    The governments of the world know UFOs and extraterrestrials are real,
    and IS covering up the UFO problem, on purpose.
    But does anyone know exactly why they are covering it up?

    Please answer that simple yet serious question.
    I would like everyone as well as myself to see your answers.

    Thank you, Good day.
    The truth is out there.


  5. they cover it up because we are not ready to have no borders and no guns. Anti gravity vehicle could travel entire globe in 30 minutes thus avoiding all security. Are we ready for that as a global society. One day I hope yes but atm I think not….

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