Amazing sighting filmed over Krasnodar, Russia 30-May-2015

Russia sighting

Here’s a new video of a bright UFO or orb hovering in the sky above Krasnodar, a city  in Russia, located on the Kuban River about 148 kilometers northeast of the Black Sea. This was recorded on 30th May 2015.

What do you think about this footage? Real or a CGI?

Your opinion?
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  1. at first it looked like the moon. i really think it is. i think this video is made to look real, with the kids in it appearing. just before the moon shoots away, there is a flash to the right behind the building. what’s that? i just don’t know.

  2. Video is a fake.

  3. Not the moon, it does not moves up and down left and wright in a two minutes. This is so good is hard to believe.

  4. Now `there is 28 blind people who cannot tell a real alien craft from a bag of lemons IF YOU 28 REALY THINK ITS FAKE HURRY TO GET YOUR EYES TESTED BEFORE YOU CANT SEE ANYTHING.
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