Dead Alien Found by Former UN Worker


Do UFOs or aliens actually exist? No one knows because these aliens are from the outer space, and humans cannot go further in their exploration of the outer space. Although, some countries like the United States have already experienced success in some of their outer space explorations, they cannot manage to go further in other planets. While there are hundreds of non-believers, there are also thousands of UFO enthusiasts who believe in their existence.

In a statement released by Andre Gignac, a 58-year-old Canadian, who claimed to have found such extra-terrestrial civilisation evidence through NASA. He claimed to have identified a bare-breasted female alien, with a corpse, a four-legged robot and Mount Rushmore-style carvings of chronological Martian leaders. Since leaving in the UN, Mr Gignac has become an established alien researcher. He also claimed to have found 4 ‘sightings’ of alien civilization in Aeolis Mons, who is a central peak in the Gale Crater on Mars, unofficially identified as Mount Sharp. A month ago, based on the photographs produced, he claimed to have found a “bunker,” which is a hole suggesting Martian population was existing under the surface of the planet.

Despite his credible statements, scientists were keen to believe that such discoveries are attributed to pareidolia. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon where the brain is more likely to interpret the pattern as a commonly-known object. The face is the first thing that the mind will recognise in a shape or pattern. Despite NASA’s Curiosity, Mr Gignac is convinced that what he saw was real.

The persuasive arguments about UFOs and aliens still continue until substantial evidence is presented to such claims. Since humans make crafts discover and explore the galaxy and beyond, there may be another part of the universe which is trying to contact us. Until then we just have to wait for the answer to the unanswered question, aliens – do they really exist?

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  1. What a shit ! mouahahahahaha 45% of the american poeple doesn’t know that the earth turns around the sun…..stupid poeple are ready to believe in everything. America ! America ! haaaaaaaaahahahahaha

  2. A woman, named ‘Jackie’, called in to Coast to Coast AM and said she was downloading telemetry from a Nasa Viking Lander and claims that’s when she saw two humans walking on Martian surface. She also claimed that six other Nasa employees witnessed the same thing

  3. I was expecting something better than this. Whatever these people see in the pictures from Mars and the Moon for that matter, are not distinguishable to me. Maybe other people can actually see something finite in them but my opine is that the imagination is taking control of reality in these images. I’ve never heard of this word “Pareidolia” I looked it up and from= have the explanation of the word. I thought maybe NASA made the word up to explain what people see…

    **MP, if you cannot be courteous and respectful, keep your “sorry-ass” off our media!

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