Skywatch & Summoning UFO video from San Diego, California 24-May-2015

UFO San Diego

Here is the footage by the skywatcher from San Diego, California on May 24, 2015. Many were in attendance to witness an incredible display of UFOs making contact in the skies above our group. At 13:18 in the video you’ll see a massive light pulse sent out from the UFO ship confirming connection with them while the folk signaled the lasers towards their craft.

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  1. Heavenly names and the thought that all UFOs are divine is a little unrealistic. Flashing lasers towards technology that is far more advanced than ours is to what end? Are you planning to take them home for dinner?

  2. Very interesting. Check out the other videos he has posted on youtube. Well worth the time it takes to observe these amazing objects.

  3. Oops sorry. I touched the Not Alien button by accident. Havent seen the video yet. David Harrison Australia

  4. …and, so, humanity was forever impacted and defined by its historic first contact negotiations in late 2015; with humanity represented by a group of idiots.

  5. O’l fred and the mrs. was at Sea Port downtown San Diego checking out them ufo fellas, and boy howdy did them o’l boys put on a light show….

  6. I have just been called a lier because i was abducted by a black triangle space ship some 40 odd years ago ,this person who surpose to have some thing to do with the millitary said it was a TR3B,may be these millitary craft were not invented in those days. This had nothing to do with this web site.

  7. ISS filming slowed down. the pulse of light is from the point of view above the photographer in that specific point of sky.

  8. I have something to say to you people that dont believe in ufos. if you never have an experience, how you going to believe? but the day you see one, you all that make fun us, that day going to say i was the stupid, beacouse they are real.

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