Triangular craft filmed over Oregon 13-Jun-2015

triangle ufo

New video of a triangle spacecraft flying across the night sky above Oregon. This was seen on Saturday, 13th June 2015.

Witness report: The night vision ending helps to show perspective, the trees, and that there is no light pulsations of the lighting as in typical FAA. This object is smaller then the larger UFO that have the morphing light arrays. Starting at 1:30 the shape is clearly defined. It’s on a different north-easterly flight path. A similar triangle was filmed a few years back for comparison.

Author (whotookmymojo @ youtube)

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  1. With the camera jumping all around it is impossible to tell what it is, but after looking at several different videos of the same type and color of light I believe that it is a flare of some sort.

  2. There seems to be a lot of trees around, why didn’t you use one of them to brace the camera against. The object just kept bouncing around, that’s always a video no-no.

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